Yamaha EF2800i, YG2800i Generator Service Manual


Covers: Yamaha EF2800i and YG2800i Generators
Pages: 138
Format: PDF
Works with: Windows/Mac/Tablet
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This service manual covers Yamaha EF2800i and YG2800i generator mechanical assembly & disassembly procedures, engine and electrical repairs, wiring diagrams, and troubleshooting. In this service manual you will find step-by-step instructions, accurate illustrations and detailed specifications outlined by the manufacturer. This is the same manual professional technicians use to service the Yamaha EF2800i or YG2800i generators.

Topics in the Yamaha EF2800i, YG2800i Generator Service Manual:

Chapter 1 General Information
Machine Identification
Serial Number
Starting Serial Number
Important Information
Preparation for Removal and Disassembly
Caution on Service
Notes on Service
All Replacement Parts
Gaskets, Oil Seals, and O-rings
Bearings and Oil Seals
Special Tools and Testers

Chapter 2 Periodic Inspections and Adjustments
Maintenance Intervals Chart
Periodic Maintenance/lubrication Intervals
Engine Oil Leakage Checking
Oil Level Checking
Oil Replacement
Fuel Leakage
Fuel Cock Strainer Inspection
Fuel Tankfilter
Air Filter Element
Valve Clearance Adjustment
Compression Pressure
Rated Engine Speed
Breather Hose
Spark Plug
Engine Switch
Economy Switch
Pilot Light
Dc Circuit Breaker

Chapter 3. Engine
Control Panel
Control Box Cover and Fuel Tank
Muffler and Air Cleaner
Breather Hose Installation
Muffler Assembly
Control Unit and Ac-cdi Unit
Cylinder Head Cover and Cylinder Head
Push Rod Inspection
Cylinder Head Inspection
Cylinder Head Assembly
Breather Hose Assembly
Valve and Valve Spring Removal
Valve and Valve Spring Inspection
Valve and Valve Spring Removal
Locker Arm Inspection
Valve Seat Inspection
Valve Lapping
Valve and Valve Spring Assembly
Recoil Starter
Recoil Starter Disassembly
Recoil Starter Inspection
Recoil Starter Assembly
Magneto Rotor and Stator
Coil Assembly Removal
Magneto Rotor and Stator
Coil Assembly Installation
Crankcase Cover and Camshaft
Camshaft Inspection
Valve Lifter Inspection
Camshaft Assembly
Crankcase Cover Inspection
Crankcase Cover Installation
Piston, Connecting Rod, Crankshaft and Crankcase
Crankcase (Cylinder) Inspection
Piston and Piston Pin Inspection
Piston Ring Inspection
Crankshaft Inspection
Connecting Rod Oil Clearance Inspection
Piston Ring and Piston Assembly
Crankshaft Assembly
Float Height Inspection
Choke Cable Installation
Throttle Control Motor
Throttle Control System

Chapter 4. Electrical
Electrical Components
Circuit Diagram
Checking Switch Continuity
Ignition System
Troubleshooting Chart
Generator System
Troubleshooting Chart
Charging System

Chapter 5. Specifications
General Specifications
Maintenance Specifications
Generator and Electrical
Tightening Torque
General Torque
Definition of Units
Wire Routing Diagram
Control Box Panel
And Behind Control Box
Engine and Generator


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