Volvo D12D Diesel Engine Service Repair Manual


Covers: Volvo D12D (12.0L) engine for VN, VHD truck models
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The Volvo D12D repair manual set is a compilation of service bulletins intended to aid mechanics with servicing the D12D diesel engine. This manual contains valuable specifications, service procedures and detailed illustrations for the diesel mechanic. Additionally, the parts catalog for the engine is included. View the PDF manuals on your computer or print off pages as needed.

Please review the included topics below carefully.


  • Electric Fuel Pump, Fault Tracing, Checklist S
  • Cylinder Balancing, Fault Tracing, Checklist F, VN, VHD
  • Copper Sleeves, Unit Injector Replacement
  • Fuel System Specifications
  • Cooling System, Troubleshooting
  • Intake and Exhaust Systems, Fault Tracing, Checklist A
  • Engine ECU, Fault Tracing, Checklist M
  • E-Viscous Fan, Fault Tracing, Checklist T
  • Priming Fuel System. Ignition Switch Operation
  • Oil Pan Replacement, VHD, VN, D12D
  • Thermostat, D12D
  • Symptom Diagnostics D12D US02 and D16D US04
  • Exhaust Gas Recirculation (EGR), Valve Inspection, D12D
  • Timing Gear Cover, D12D, VN, VHD
  • Fuel Supply Pressure, Fault Tracing, Checklist B
  • Cylinder Head Overhaul, D12D, VN, VHD
  • Intake and Exhaust System, Design and Function
  • Radiator Replacement, D12D
  • Valve Cover Replacement, VN, VHD
  • EGR Pipes, Replacement, D12D
  • EGR Cooler Bracket, Replacement
  • Turbocharger, Replacement D12D, VN, VHD
  • EGR Cooler Replacement
  • Exhaust Manifold Replacement
  • EPG Housing, Replacement
  • Bodybuilder Module (BBM) Installation Kit From Nov 2002
  • Camshaft, Wear, Check D12D, VN, VHD
  • Valves and Unit Injectors, Adjusting, VN, VHD
  • Fittings, Fuel Line, Replacement VN, VHD Version2
  • EGR Valve Replacement, D12D
  • Approved Oils, Volvo Components VN, VHD, VT
  • Engine Control Module (ECM) Programming, Guidelines
  • Valve Spring, Replacement (All), D12D, VHD, VN
  • Tracerline Extended, Life Coolant, Dye
  • Fault Codes, EECU, MID 128 D12D D16D, VN, VHD
  • Exhaust Pipe, Replacement (Diffuser),VHD, D11H, D12D, D13H
  • Diesel Fuel Hydrometer, Instructions, VN, VHD, VAH, D16H, D16D, D16F, D16H D12D, D11, D13
  • Cylinder Head, Replacement, VN, VHD, D12D, April, 2017
  • Specifications, VN, VHD, D12D
  • Engine Injector, Replacement (Flat), VN, VHD, VT, VAH, D12D, D13H, D11H, D16H
  • Sleeve, Engine Injector, Replacement (Copper), D12D, D11, D13, D16F, D16H, D16F, VN, VHD, VT, VAH
  • Fault Tracing, Checklist C, Fuel in Engine Oil
  • Fault Tracing, Checklist J, Low Engine Oil Pressure, VN, VHD, D12D
  • Fault Tracing, Checklist K, Cruise Control
  • Fault Tracing, Checklist N, High Engine Oil Temperature, D12D
  • Component Check
  • Oil Cooler Overflow Valve, Replacement, D12D
  • Valve Guide Replacement, VN, VHD
  • Oil Pump Replacement, D12D, VN, VHD
  • Cylinder Liner, VN, VHD
  • Fuel Filter Housing Replacement
  • Air Intake Pipe, Turbocharger, Replacement, VN, VHD
  • Valve Stem Seals, VN, VHD
  • Timing Gear, VN, VHD
  • Lubricating and Oil System, Design and Function
  • Piston Cooling, D12D, VN, VHD
  • Oil Filter Overflow Valve, Replacement
  • Intake and Exhaust System, Specifications
  • Intake Manifold Gasket Replacement
  • Compression Brake Control Valve
  • Charge Air Cooler, D12D
  • Connecting Rod, Design and Function, VN, VHD
  • Basic Engine
  • General Safety Practices, Engine
  • Coolant Pump, D12D
  • Fault Tracing, Checklist O, Engine Brake
  • Engine ECU, Replacement
  • Fault Tracing, Checklist L, High Coolant Temperature
  • Engine, Removal and Installation – VHD VERSION2 w/ D12D and Allison Trans
  • Engine, Removal and Installation – VNL VERSION2 w/ D12D
  • Cylinder Compression
  • Cylinder Head, Front Coolant Plug, Replacement, VN, VHD
  • Cylinder Head Coolant Plug, Side, Rear, Replacement, VN, VHD
  • Cylinder Head Pressure Test, VN, VHD, D12D
  • Valve Cover Bushings, D12D, VN, VHD
  • Oil Plugs, Cylinder Block, D12D, VN, VHD
  • Engine Stiffening Frame, Replacement, D12D, VN, VHD
  • Flywheel Housing, D12D, VN, VHD
  • Piston and Liner, Replacement, VN, VHD, D12D
  • Cylinder Liner Seat Milling, VN, VHD
  • Piston to Connecting Rod, VN, VHD
  • Rocker Arm, VN, VHD
  • Valve Seat, VN, VHD
  • Camshaft Bearing Housing, Overhaul, VN, VHD
  • Crankshaft, VN, VHD
  • Rear Crankshaft Seal, VN, VHD
  • Reduction Valve, Replacement, VN, VHD, D12D
  • Oil Filter, Replacement
  • Oil Cooler
  • Fuel System, Design and Function
  • Fuel System, Troubleshooting, VN, VHD, D12D
  • Overflow Valve, Replacement
  • Volvo Engine Brake, Design and Function
  • Air Filter Housing, Replacement, VN, VHD, D12D
  • Electronically-controlled Viscous Fan, D12D
  • Fan Belt – D12D
  • Grid Heater Control, Cummins ISC/ISL
  • Fault Tracing, Checklist G, Low Compression
  • Camshaft and Flywheel Signals, Fault Tracking, Checklist H
  • EGR, Design and Function
  • Fault Tracing, Checklist E, Exhaust Pressure Governor (EPG)
  • Rockguard, Retrofit Installation
  • D12D Parts Catalog

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