1996-2002 Volvo VN, VHD D12 Engine Service Manual


Covers: Volvo D12 engine for VN, VHD truck models built 8/1996 to 10/2002
Pages: 826
Format: PDF files with html table of contents
File size: 11mb
Works with: Windows/Mac computers
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The 1996-2002 Volvo D12 service manual is intended to aid mechanics with servicing the diesel engine used in VN and VHD series trucks. The service manual is also referred to as the repair manual or shop manual and contains valuable specifications, service procedures and detailed illustrations for the mechanic. View the manual on your computer or print off pages as needed.


  • Vehicle Management System Vectro II
  • Specifications – D12
  • Specifications – D12B
  • Specifications – D12C
  • Cylinder Compression – D12,D12A,D12B,D12C
  • Cylinder Head – D12, D12A, D12B
  • Cylinder Head – D12C
  • Cylinder Liner – D12, D12A, D12B, D12C
  • Piston to Connecting Rod – D12, D12A, D12B, D12C
  • Valve Guides – D12, D12A, D12B, D12C
  • Rocker Arm D12, D12A, D12B, D12C
  • Rocker Arm Shaft with VEB, D12, D12A, D12B, D12C
  • Valve Stem Seals – D12, D12A, D12B, D12C
  • Valve Seat Replacement – D12, D12A, D12B, D12C
  • Valve Injector Adjustment with VEB, D12, D12A, D12B, D12C
  • Valve Injector Adjustment with EPG, D12, D12A, D12B, D12C
  • Camshaft- D12, D12A, D12B
  • Camshaft Wear, Check D12, D12A, D12B, D12C
  • Timing Gear Adjustment – D12C
  • Timing Gears Replacement – D12,D12A,D12B
  • Timing Gear Plate – D12,D12A,D12B,D12C
  • Timing Gear Cover – D12C
  • Idler Gear Assembly – D12,D12A,D12B
  • Intermediate Gear Tightening Torque TD122, TD123
  • Crankshaft – D12,D12A,D12B,D12C
  • Rear Crankshaft Seal – D12, D12A, D12B, D12C
  • Flywheel – D12,D12A,D12B,D12C
  • Lubricating and Oil System – D12,D12A,D12B,D12C
  • Fuel System – D12,D12A,D12B,D12C
  • Intake/Exhaust Systems – D12,D12A,D12B,D12C
  • Volvo Engine Brake (VEB) – D12,D12A,D12B
  • Cooling System – D12,D12A,D12B,D12C

Engine repair shop service manual example

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