Perkins 854F-E34TA Engine Systems Operation & Testing Manual



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Covers: Perkins 854F-E34TA Industrial Engine (JU) Systems Operation, Testing and Adjusting
PN: UENR4502 (2015)
Pages: 102
Format: PDF
Compatibility: Windows/Mac/Tablet

The following is a list of topics contained in the Perkins Manual:

Systems Operation Section
General Information
Engine Operation
Basic Engine
Air Inlet and Exhaust System
Clean Emissions Module
DEF Dosing Control System
Cooling System
Lubrication System
Electrical System
Cleanliness of Fuel System Components
Fuel Injection
Electronic Control System
Power Sources
Glossary of Electronic Control Terms

Testing and Adjusting Section
Fuel System
Fuel System – Inspect
Air in Fuel – Test
Finding Top Center Position for No
Fuel Injection Timing – Check
Fuel Quality – Test
Fuel System – Prime
Fuel System Pressure – Test
Gear Group (Front) – Time
Air Inlet and Exhaust System
Air Inlet and Exhaust System – Inspect
Turbocharger – Inspect
Exhaust Cooler (NRS) – Test
Compression – Test
Engine Valve Lash – Inspect
Valve Depth – Inspect
Valve Guide – Inspect
Diesel Exhaust Fluid Quality – Test
Aftertreatment SCR System Dosing – Test
Diesel Exhaust Fluid Tank – Flush
Lubrication System
Engine Oil Pressure – Test
Engine Oil Pump – Inspect
Excessive Bearing Wear – Inspect
Excessive Engine Oil Consumption – Inspect
Increased Engine Oil Temperature – Inspect
Cooling System
Cooling System – Check
Cooling System – Inspect
Cooling System – Test
Engine Oil Cooler – Inspect
Water Temperature Regulator – Test
Water Pump – Inspect
Basic Engine
Position the Valve Mechanism Before
Maintenance Procedures
Piston Ring Groove – Inspect
Connecting Rod – Inspect
Cylinder Block – Inspect
Cylinder Head – Inspect
Piston Height – Inspect
Flywheel – Inspect
Flywheel Housing – Inspect
Gear Group – Inspect
Crankshaft Pulley – Check
Electrical System
Alternator – Test
Battery – Test
Charging System – Test
V-Belt – Test
Electric Starting System – Test


Contains Specifications, Illustrations and Procedures


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