Perkins 2806C-E16, 2806C-E18 Diagnostic Manual TSD3453E

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Covers: Perkins 2806C-E16 and 2806C-E18 (2800 Series) Engine Diagnostics
Format: PDF
PN:  TSD 3453E

The following is a list of topics contained in the Perkins Diagnostic Manual:

1 General information
Safety precautions
Glossary of terms
2 Electronic system overview
System operation
Electronic controls
Engine governor
Timing considerations
Fuel injection
Engine monitoring
Fuel temperature monitoring
Self diagnostics
Effect of diagnostic codes on engine performance
Current totals stored in the ECM
Programmable parameters
Engine component diagram
connection diagram
Sensor and connector location diagram
Engine wiring diagram
Machine wiring diagram (all options)
Electrical connectors and functions
Colour codes
Service tools and diagnostics
3 Programming parameters
Connecting the TIPSS-EST
Programming a new ECM
Programming an ECM using flash programming
ECM date/time clock
ECM diagnostic clock
Injector codes
TIPSS-EST cylinder cut-out test
Programming parameters
System configuration parameters
Customer specified parameters
4 Fault diagnosis
Diagnostic procedures without a diagnostic fault code
General information
Diagnostic symptoms
Test 1 – Engine will not crank
Test 2 – Engine cranks but will not start
Test 3 – Engine misfires, runs rough or is unstable
Test 4 – Low power/poor or no response to throttle
Test 5 – Intermittent engine shutdowns
Test 6 – Intermittent low power or power cut-outs
Test 7 – Electronic service tool will not communicate with the ECM
Test 8 – ECM will not accept factory passwords
Test 9 – Excessive black smoke
Test 10 – Excessive white smoke
Test 11 – Excessive blue smoke
Test 12 – Engine cannot reach correct rev/min
Test 13 – Poor acceleration or response
Test 14 – Poor fuel consumption
Test 15 – Too much vibration
Test 16 – Noise coming from cylinder
Test 17 – Excessive valve clearance
Test 18 – Valve rotocoil or spring lock is free
Test 19 – Mechanical noise (knock) in engine
Test 20 – Oil in cooling system
Test 21 – Fuel in cooling system
Test 22 – Coolant in lubricating oil
Test 23 – Fuel dilution of lubricating oil
Test 24 – Engine has early wear
Test 25 – Engine has low oil pressure
Test 26 – Engine uses too much lubricating oil
Test 27 – Engine coolant is too hot
Test 28 – Oil at the exhaust
Test 29 – Engine has a fuel supply problem
Test 30 – Indicator lamp not functioning correctly
Test 31 – Inlet air manifold temperature is too high
Test 32 – Engine has a high fuel temperature
Diagnostic procedures with an event code
General information
Event codes
Diagnostic tests
Test 33 – High intake manifold pressure
Test 34 – Low oil pressure
Test 35 – High coolant temperature
Test 36 – Engine overspeed
Test 37 – High fuel temperature
Test 38 – High intake manifold air temperature
Diagnostic procedures with a diagnostic fault code
General information
Diagnostic codes
Diagnostic terminology
Diagnostic tests
Test 39 – Inspecting electrical connectors
Test 40 – Electrical power supply to the ECM
Test 41 – Analogue sensor open or short circuit test
Test 42 – ECM Status indicator output circuit test
Test 43 – +5 V Sensor voltage supply circuit test
Test 44 – PWM desired speed setting circuit test
Test 45 – Perkins Data Link circuit test
Test 46 – Engine speed/timing circuit test
Test 47 – Engine speed/timing calibration
Test 48 – Injector solenoids circuit test
Test 49 – Analogue sensor abnormal test
5 Special tools
Required service tools
Optional service tools

Contains  Perkins Specifications, Illustrations and Procedures

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