Perkins 4016-E61TRS Engine Troubleshooting Manual



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Covers: Perkins 4016-E61TRS (16 cylinder, turbocharged gas engine) Diagnostics / Troubleshooting
Pages: 176
Format: PDF
Compatibility: Windows/Mac/Tablet

The following is a list of topics contained in the Troubleshooting Manual:

1 Electronic system overview
System overview
General introduction
Engine speed governing
Ignition control
Air-fuel ratio control
Start/Stop sequencing
Engine monitoring/protection
Service tools
Required service tools
TIPSS connections
2 Programming parameters
Customer passwords
Engine identification parameters
Engine serial number
Equipment ID
Timing control parameters
First desired base timing
Second desired base timing
Air fuel ratio control parameters
Fuel quality
Gas specific gravity
Desired oxygen at full load
Oxygen sensor override
Oxygen feedback enabled status
Air / Fuel proportional gain
Air / Fuel integral gain
Speed control parameters
Low idle speed
Engine accel
Governor type setting
Engine speed droop
Governor proportional gain
Governor integral gain
Governor derivative gain
Adjustment of governor gains
Start/Stop control parameters
Driven equipment delay time
Crank terminate speed
Engine purge cycle time
Engine cooldown duration
Cycle crank time
Overcrank time
Engine speed drop time
Engine pre-lube time out period
3 Troubleshooting with an event code
Engine overspeed shutdown (E4)
High jacket water temperature alarm (E16)
High jacket water temperature shutdown (E17)
High oil temperature shutdown (E19) ‘A’ and ‘B’ banks
High oil temperature alarm (E20) ‘A’ and ‘B’ banks
Raw water temperature shutdown (E251-1)
Raw water temperature alarm (E251-3)
Low jacket water temperature start inhibit (E38) or low jacket water alarm (E37)
Low oil pressure (E40, E100)
Abnormal battery voltage (E42, E43, E50)
High gas fuel temperature (E223)
Closed circuit breather fault (E159)
Low water level fault (E131)
Low oil level fault (E171)
Turbine inlet temperature fault (E870-1) (E870-3)
High gas supply pressure (E267)
Engine overcrank fault (E225)
Customer fault stop requested (E269) or engine ESTOP pressed (E264)
Low gas pressure inhibit (E158) or low gas pressure shutdown request (E160)
Gas energy content setting low (E229) or gas energy content setting high (E230)
or fuel quality out of range (E231)
Detonation alarm (E401 cylinder #1 through E416 cylinder #16) or detonation shutdown
(E421 cylinder #1 through E436 cylinder #16)
Exhaust port temperature high (E801 cylinder A1 through E816 cylinder B8)
Exhaust port temperature deviating low (E841 cylinder A1 through E856 cylinder B8)
4 Troubleshooting with a diagnostic code
Diagnostic codes
Active Diagnostic codes
Logged Diagnostic codes
Logged Events
Diagnostic Terminology
Quick Reference Sheet For ECM Diagnostic codes
Quick Reference Sheet For Temperature Sensing Module Diagnostic codes
5 Functional Tests
P-501: Inspecting electrical connectors
P-503: Electrical power supply to the ECM
P-505: Analogue sensor open or short circuit test
P-506: PWM sensor circuit test
P-509A: Oxygen sensor buffer supply circuit
P-509B: Oxygen sensor signal circuit test
P-511: Speed/Timing sensor
P-512: Detonation sensors
P-513: ECM Start/Stop output circuit test
P-514: Ignition primary circuit shorted or open
P-515: Ignition transformer secondary and spark plugs
P-517: ECM Status indicator output circuit test
P-521: +5V Sensor voltage supply circuit test
P-522: +8V Sensor voltage supply circuit test
P-524: Throttle actuator solenoid circuit test
P-525: Temperature sensing module (TSM) test
P-526: Techjet gas valve
6 Calibrations
P-602: Oxygen sensor calibration procedure
P-603: Speed/timing sensor calibration
P-604: Turbine inlet temperature interface module calibration
7 Glossary of terms
8 Wiring details
P-801: Wiring layout
Wiring layout
‘A’ Bank sensor rail layout
‘A’ Bank sensor rail wiring
‘B’ Bank sensor rail layout
‘B’ Bank sensor rail wiring
ECM Enclosure layout
ECM Enclosure wiring
ECM Enclosure wiring 2
ECM Enclosure terminal strip connections
Power and starter harness and wiring
Throttle valve and manifold sensor harness and wiring
‘A’ Bank ignition pipe layout and wiring
‘B’ Bank ignition pipe layout and wiring
Exhaust thermocouple harness and wiring
ITSM to ECM Enclosure harness and wiring
Connection details
ECM Enclosure connector pinouts
Communications connector
Ignition connector ‘A’ bank
Ignition connector ‘B’ bank
Power and starter connector
Sensor connector ‘A’ bank
ITSM Connector
Sensor connector ‘B’ bank
Throttle valve and manifold sensor connector
CAN Bus connector
Connection details – J1
Connection details – J2
4016-E61TRS Diagnostic Manual, May 2000 9
Quick Reference Sheet For ECM Diagnostic codes
CID-FMI Diagnostic type and description Procedure No
17-05 Fuel Shutoff Valve Open Circuit
17-06 Fuel Shutoff Valve Short To Ground
17-12 Fuel Shutoff Valve Faulty
41-03 +8 VDC Power Supply Shorted High
41-04 +8 VDC Power Supply Shorted Low
106-03 Inlet Manifold Pressure Signal Invalid
106-08 Inlet Manifold Pressure Signal Noisy
109-03 Jacket Water Outlet Pressure Signal Open Or Shorted
109-08 Jacket Water Outlet Pressure Signal Noisy
110-03 Jacket Water Temperature Sensor Open
110-04 Jacket Water Temperature Sensor Short To Ground
168-02 Intermittent Battery Power To The ECM
172-03 Inlet Manifold Temperature Sensor Open
172-04 Inlet Manifold Temperature Sensor Short To Ground
175-03 Oil Temperature Sensor Open
175-04 Oil Temperature Sensor Short To Ground
261-13 Timing Calibration Required
262-03 +5 VDC Supply Shorted High
262-04 +5 VDC Supply Below Normal
301-05 Cylinder A1 Ignition Primary Open
301-06 Cylinder A1 Ignition Primary Shorted
302-05 Cylinder B1 Ignition Primary Open
302-06 Cylinder B1 Ignition Primary Shorted
303-05 Cylinder A3 Ignition Primary Open
303-06 Cylinder A3 Ignition Primary Shorted
304-05 Cylinder B3 Ignition Primary Open
304-06 Cylinder B3 Ignition Primary Shorted
305-05 Cylinder A7 Ignition Primary Open
305-06 Cylinder A7 Ignition Primary Shorted
306-05 Cylinder B7 Ignition Primary Open
306-06 Cylinder B7 Ignition Primary Shorted
307-05 Cylinder A5 Ignition Primary Open
307-06 Cylinder A5 Ignition Primary Shorted
308-05 Cylinder B5 Ignition Primary Open
308-06 Cylinder B5 Ignition Primary Shorted
309-05 Cylinder A8 Ignition Primary Open
309-06 Cylinder A8 Ignition Primary Shorted
310-05 Cylinder B8 Ignition Primary Open
310-06 Cylinder B8 Ignition Primary Shorted
311-05 Cylinder A6 Ignition Primary Open
311-06 Cylinder A6 Ignition Primary Shorted
312-05 Cylinder B6 Ignition Primary Open
312-06 Cylinder B6 Ignition Primary Shorted
313-05 Cylinder A2 Ignition Primary Open
313-06 Cylinder A2 Ignition Primary Shorted
314-05 Cylinder B2 Ignition Primary Open
314-06 Cylinder B2 Ignition Primary Shorted
315-05 Cylinder A4 Ignition Primary Open
315-06 Cylinder A4 Ignition Primary Shorted
316-05 Cylinder B4 Ignition Primary Open
316-06 Cylinder B4 Ignition Primary Shorted
320-03 Speed/Timing Sensor Open Or Shorted
320-08 Speed/Timing Sensor Noisy
323-03 Engine Shutdown Lamp Driver Shorted High
324-03 Engine Warning Lamp Driver Shorted High
336-02 Engine Control Switch Fault
338-05 Prelubrication Output Open
338-06 Prelubrication Output Short To Ground
443-03 Crank Terminate Relay Shorted High
444-05 Starter Motor Relay Open Circuit
444-06 Starter Motor Relay Shorted Low
445-03 Engine Run Relay Driver Shorted High
542-03 Oil Pressure Sensor Open
542-04 Oil Pressure Sensor Short To Ground
1086-09 Oxygen Sensor Element Not Connected
1086-12 Oxygen Sensor Element Failed
1087-03 Oxygen Buffer Signal Open Or Shorted High
1087-08 Oxygen Buffer Signal Noisy
1088-05 Oxygen Buffer Power Driver Open
1088-06 Oxygen Buffer Power Driver Shorted Low
1440-05 Throttle Actuator Output Driver Open Circuit
1440-06 Throttle Actuator Output Driver Short Circuit
1501-03 Detonation Sensor #1 Open
1501-04 Detonation Sensor #1 Shorted Low
1502-03 Detonation Sensor #2 Open
1502-04 Detonation Sensor #2 Shorted Low
1505-03 Detonation Sensor #3 Open
1505-04 Detonation Sensor #3 Shorted Low
1506-03 Detonation Sensor #4 Open
1506-04 Detonation Sensor #4 Shorted Low
1509-03 Detonation Sensor #5 Open
1509-04 Detonation Sensor #5 Shorted Low
1510-03 Detonation Sensor #6 Open
1510-04 Detonation Sensor #6 Shorted Low
1513-03 Detonation Sensor #7 Open
1513-04 Detonation Sensor #7 Shorted Low
1514-03 Detonation Sensor #8 Open
1514-04 Detonation Sensor #8 Shorted Low
1528-05 Turbine Inlet Temperature Open
1528-06 Turbine Inlet Temperature Shorted low
4016-E61TRS Diagnostic Manual, May 2000 11
Quick Reference Sheet For Temperature Sensing Module Diagnostic codes
CID-FMI Diagnostic type and description Procedure No
591-12 Internal Temperature Sensing Module Failure
1201-03 Cylinder A1 Thermocouple Shorted High
1201-04 Cylinder A1 Thermocouple Shorted Low
1201-05 Cylinder A1 Thermocouple Open
1202-03 Cylinder B1 Thermocouple Shorted High
1202-04 Cylinder B1 Thermocouple Shorted Low
1202-05 Cylinder B1 Thermocouple Open
1203-03 Cylinder A3 Thermocouple Shorted High
1203-04 Cylinder A3 Thermocouple Shorted Low
1203-05 Cylinder A3 Thermocouple Open
1204-03 Cylinder B3 Thermocouple Shorted High
1204-04 Cylinder B3 Thermocouple Shorted Low
1204-05 Cylinder B3 Thermocouple Open
1205-03 Cylinder A7 Thermocouple Shorted High
1205-04 Cylinder A7 Thermocouple Shorted Low
1205-05 Cylinder A7Thermocouple Open
1206-03 Cylinder B7 Thermocouple Shorted High
1206-04 Cylinder B7 Thermocouple Shorted Low
1206-05 Cylinder B7 Thermocouple Open
1207-03 Cylinder A5 Thermocouple Shorted High
1207-04 Cylinder A5 Thermocouple Shorted Low
1207-05 Cylinder A5 Thermocouple Open
1208-03 Cylinder B5 Thermocouple Shorted High
1208-04 Cylinder B5 Thermocouple Shorted Low
1208-05 Cylinder B5 Thermocouple Open
1209-03 Cylinder A8Thermocouple Shorted High
1209-04 Cylinder A8 Thermocouple Shorted Low
1209-05 Cylinder A8 Thermocouple Open
1210-03 Cylinder B8 Thermocouple Shorted High
1210-04 Cylinder B8 Thermocouple Shorted Low
1210-05 Cylinder B8 Thermocouple Open
1211-03 Cylinder A6 Thermocouple Shorted High
1211-04 Cylinder A6 Thermocouple Shorted Low
1211-05 Cylinder A6 Thermocouple Open
1212-03 Cylinder B6 Thermocouple Shorted High
1212-04 Cylinder B6 Thermocouple Shorted Low
1212-05 Cylinder B6 Thermocouple Open
1213-03 Cylinder A2 Thermocouple Shorted High
1213-04 Cylinder A2 Thermocouple Shorted Low
1213-05 Cylinder A2 Thermocouple Open
1214-03 Cylinder B2 Thermocouple Shorted High
1214-04 Cylinder B2 Thermocouple Shorted Low
1214-05 Cylinder B2 Thermocouple Open
1215-03 Cylinder A4 Thermocouple Shorted High
1215-04 Cylinder A4 Thermocouple Shorted Low
1215-05 Cylinder A4 Thermocouple Open
1216-03 Cylinder B4 Thermocouple Shorted High
1216-04 Cylinder B4 Thermocouple Shorted Low
1216-05 Cylinder B4 Thermocouple Open
1221-03 Turbocharger Inlet Thermocouple Shorted High
1221-04 Turbocharger Inlet Thermocouple Shorted Low
1221-05 Turbocharger Inlet Thermocouple Open

Contains  Perkins Specifications, Illustrations and Procedures


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