2012-2017 Peterbilt, Kenworth Multiplexed Electrical System Diagnostic Manual


Covers: 2012-2017 PB and KW NGP trucks

  • PB 365, 367, 384, 386, 388, 389, 579
  • KW T680
  • NAMUX4 CAN Architecture
  • with P30-1011-xxx, P30-1018-XXX software only

Pages: 252
Format: PDF
File size: 7mb
Works with: Windows/Mac/Tablet
Notes: Searchable, printable, instant download

This diagnostic manual provides service information covering the multiplexing system in 2012 through 2017 Peterbilt & Kenworth NGP trucks with CECU3 with Chassis Node. It also includes CECU trouble codes and diagnostic procedures.

Dated 12/2016.


  • Multiplexing Overview
  • General Information
  • How it Works
  • CECU DTC Codes
  • Troubleshooting CECU DTCs
  • CAN Troubleshooting Procedures
  • Common NAMUX 4 Issues and Solutions
  • CECU Programming
  • Voltage Trim Procedure
  • Display Diagnostic Trouble Codes (DTCs)
  • Index

Fuel Filter Restriction 16xx
Wait Starter Cooldown Enforced 1675xx
High Beam Lamp(s) Fault 2348xx
Low Beam Lamp(s) Fault 2350xx
Left Front Lamp(s) Fault 2368xx
Right Front Lamp(s) Fault 2370xx
Left Rear Lamp(s) Fault 2372xx
Right Rear Lamp(s) Fault 2374xx
Marker Lamp(s) Fault 2378xx
Clearance Lamp(s) Fault 2382xx
Primary Fog Lamps Fault 2388xx
Secondary Fog Lamps Fault 2390xx
Left Trailer Lamp(s) Fault 2396xx
Right Trailer Lamp(s) Fault 2398xx
Current Sensor Fault 2579xx
Main Light Switch Fault 2872xx
Sec. Light Switch Fault 2873xx
High Beam Switch Fault 2874xx
Hazard Switch Fault 2875xx
Turn Lamp Switch Fault 2876xx
CECU Power Input 3509xx 3510xx
Correct at Next Service 3511xx 3512xx 3513xx 3514xx 5125xx 5126xx 5127xx 5128xx
Vehicle Speed Message Missing 8409
Accel Pedal Message Missing 9109
App. Air Pressure Sensor Open 11603
App. Air Pressure Sensor Short 11604
Pri. Air Pressure Sensor Open 11703
Pri. Air Pressure Sensor Short 11704
Sec. Air Pressure Sensor Open 11803
Sec. Air Pressure Sensor Short 11804
Ignition Power Circuit Fault 15802
Ignition Power Circuit Fault 15803
Ignition Power Circuit Fault 15804
Control Unit Over Voltage 16800
Control Unit Under Voltage 16801
Outside Temp Sensor Open 17103
Outside Temp Sensor Short 17104
Instant Economy Message Missing 18409
Engine Speed Message Missing 19009
Odometer Offset Recalculated 24510
Engine Hours Message Missing 24709
Total PTO Hours Message Missing 24809
Gauge Bus Power Open Circuit 67805
Gauge Bus Power Short Circuit 67806
Pri. Fuel Level Sensor Open 82903
Pri. Fuel Level Sensor Short 82904
Vehicle Distance Message Missing 91709
Total PTO Fuel Message Missing 102809
Instrument Bus Comm Failure 123109
ABS J1939 Failure 148109
Trans. J1939 Failure 148209
Engine J1939 Failure 148309
Dash Dimmer Switch Open 149106
Dash Dimmer Switch Short 149206

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