Mitsubishi S4K S6K Diesel Engine Service Shop Manual


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Covers: Mitsubishi S4K, S4K-T, S6K, S6K-T Diesel Engine Service, Repair, Overhaul
Pages: 148
Format: PDF
Compatibility: Windows/Mac/Tablet

This shop manual contains disassembly, inspection and re-assembly instructions for Mitsubishi S4K and S6K series diesel engines. In this manual you will also find detailed illustrations. View the manual on your computer/tablet or print off pages as needed.

Topics in the Mitsubishi S4K S6K Diesel Engine Service Shop Manual:

  • General information
  • Specifications
  • Engine Views
  • Maintenance
  • Torques
  • Special tools
  • General instructions
  • Compression test
  • Testing and adjusting (adjusting; bench test; performance test)
  • Engine accessory removal (preparation removal and installation of turbocharger; exhaust manifold; thermostat; fuel filter; fuel injection pipe; fuel injection nozzle; inlet manifold; fuel injection pump; fan; water pump; starter; alternator; oil filter; oil pan; oil cooler;air heater)
  • Engine proper (disassembly, inspection and reassembly of engine proper; Cylinder head and valve mechanism; flywheel; timing gears, camshaft, pistons, connecting rods, crankshaft, crankcase)
  • Air inlet and exhaust system (disassembly; inspection; external views of inlet and exhaust system; air cleaner (paper-element type), exhaust)
  • Lubrication system (assembly; inspection, assembly; oil pump; oil filter; pressure relief valve; .oil strainer; oil cooler; safety valve)
  • Cooling system (disassembly; inspection; assembly; water pump; thermostat; radiator; fan; fan belt)
  • Fuel system (disassembly; inspection; assembly; fuel filter; fuel injection nozzles)
  • Electrical system (disassembly; inspection; assembly; starter; alternator; air heater)
  • Workshop theory (precautions for disassembly and reassembly of general parts: oil seals, 0-rings, bearings, lock plates, pins)
  • Maintenance chart


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