Mitsubishi 6D31 Industrial Engine Repair Shop Manual


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Covers: Mitsubishi 6D31, 6D31-T INDUSTRIAL Diesel Engine Service, Repair, Overhaul
Pages: 233
Format: PDF
Compatibility: Windows/Mac/Tablet
Note: 1986 publication

This shop manual contains the specification, construction, operation, adjustment and service procedures of the Model 6D31, 6D31-T diesel engine for service mechanics engaged in servicing of the Mitsubishi diesel engines.

The following is a list of topics contained in the 6D31 Industrial Engine Repair Shop Manual:

  • General External view, major specifications, engine outputs classified by application, engine numbers, caution plate, general bolts and nuts tightening torque table
  • Engine Engine proper (cylinder head, valve mechanism, camshaft, piston, crankshaft, timing gear, flywheel), specifications, service standards, special tool, troubleshooting
  • Lubrication Lubrication system (oil pump, oil filter, oil cooler), specifications, service standards, special tool, troubleshooting
  • Fuel and engine control Fuel system (injection pump, injection nozzle, fuel filter), specifications, service standards, special tool, troubleshooting
  • Cooling Cooling system (water pump, thermostat, radiator, cooling system cleaning procedures, fan), specifications, service standards, special tool; troubleshooting
  • Intake and exhaust Air cleaner, turbocharger, specifications, service standards, troubleshooting
  • Engine electrical Starter, alternator, preheating system, relays, automatic stop device, specifications, service standards, special tool, troubleshooting


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