Mack VMAC Control System Service Diagnostic Manual


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Covers: Mack VMAC control system diagnostics on CH/CL, MH, RW, RB and RD trucks.
Compatibility: Windows/Mac/Tablet

This manual is intended to provide the technician with the information necessary to diagnose and repair the V-MAC (Vehicle Management and Control) System on the CH/CL, MH, RW, RB and RD models.

The following is a list of topics contained in the Mack VMAC Control System Service Diagnostic Manual:

V-MAC System Overview
System Diagnostics
Diagnostic Tools
Mack Blink Code Identification Table
SAE/ATA Standard Terminology
Pro-Link 9000
Diagnostic Computer
Diagnostic Test Procedures
SAE Message Descriptions
Multiple Active Codes
Engine Oil Pressure Sensor
Low Oil Pressure With Driver Alarm
Incorrect Oil Pressure Vs
Coolant Level Sensor
Low Coolant Level
Coolant Temperature Sensor
Intake Manifold Air Temperature Sensor
Btlffered RPM Line (Tachometer Signal)
Buffered RPM Line (Tachometer Signal)
RPM/TDC (Engine Position) Sensor
Injection Pump RPM (Engine Speed) Sensor
Injection Pump RPM (Engine Speed) Sensor
Timing Event Marker (TEM)
Timing Actuator
MPH (Road Speed) Sensor
Rack Position Sensor(RPS)
Throttle Position Sensor(TPS)
Throttle Position Sensor(TPS)
Fuel Control Actuator
Fuel Request Line
Data Line Input
SAE/ATA J1708 Serial Line
Malfunction Lamp Inoperative
Driver Alarm
Dynatard Verbal Complaint
Switch Circuit Diagnostics
Service Switch, Parking Brake Switch, Clutch Switch Adjustment
Speed Control ON/OFF
Shutdown Override Switch, Torque Limit Switch
Switch Circuit Schematics
No Active Codes (Or Intermittent Problems)
Resetting Low Idle Speed
System Connectors
Connector Repair
Setting Injection Timing
V~MAC Service Tools
Torque Specifications
Engine Parameter Values
Speedometer Dipswitch Settings
V-MAC Major Functions
Wiring Identification
Wire Use Charts (CH Model)
Wire Use Charts (RB,RD,RW Models)
Wire Use Charts (MH Model)
Vehicles Manufactured Before September 1990
Injection Pump Control Rod Guide Adjustment
Electrical Diagrams

Contains  VMAC Control System Specifications, Illustrations and Troubleshooting Procedures


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