Mack E7 E-Tech Diesel Engine Service Repair Manual


Covers: Mack E7 E-Tech Engines w/ electronic fuel system

  • EM7 275-300 E-TECH
  • E7-300-310-330-350-355-380 E-TECH
  • E7-400-427-460 E-TECH

Pages: 365
File size: 34mb
Works with: Windows/Mac/Tablet
Notes: Searchable, printable, instant download

Covers mechanical repair, overhaul and basic troubleshooting of the Mack E7 E-Tech engines equipped with an electronic unit pump. V-Mac III troubleshooting sold separately.

High resolution, printable PDF format download.


  • Introduction
  • Description & Operation
  • E-tech Engine Design Features
  • Glossary of Terms
  • Troubleshooting
  • Engine Symptom Diagnosis
  • Camshaft Timing and Lobe Lift Checks
  • Chassis-mounted Charge Air Cooling Tests
  • Cylinder Head and Cylinder Block Leak Test Procedure
  • Engine Brake Tests
  • Maintenance
  • Belt Drive System Tensioning
  • Filter Element Replacement
  • Engine Removal
  • Engine Disassembly
  • Cylinder Block Reconditioning
  • Crankshaft and Flywheel Bench Procedures
  • Auxiliary Shaft and Camshaft Bench Procedures
  • Connecting Rod and Piston Bench Procedures
  • Cylinder Head Overhaul
  • Valve Rocker Arm Shaft Bench Procedures
  • Lubrication System Bench Procedures
  • Cooling System Components Bench Procedures
  • Fuel System Components Bench Procedures
  • Engine Reassembly
  • In-chassis Part/component Procedures
  • Engine Setup and Adjustments
  • Engine Final Preparation and Operational Check
  • Rebuilt Engine Run-in Procedures
  • E-tech Engine Mechanical Specifications
  • Specification Footnotes
  • E-tech Engine Lubricant and Sealant Specifications
  • Fastener Torque
  • Schematics & Diagrams
  • Engine System Schematics (Fluids Flow)
  • Special Tools & Equipment
  • Index

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