Duramax 6.6 L5D Engine Diagnostic Manual

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Covers: Duramax 6.6 L5D Engine Diagnostics
Pages: 933
Format: PDF
File size: 3mb
Compatibility: Windows/Mac/Tablet
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Downloadable PDF diagnostic manual for Duramax/International 6.6L diesel engines with L5D engine code, covering symptom and code-based troubleshooting. The new GM L5D engine equipped in Silverado 4500HD, 5500HD, 6500HD and International CV trucks is very similar to the L5P V8 diesel engine but with a smaller turbo and tuning differences. This manual has clickable links to quickly navigate topics.

Dated 2020. To be used in conjunction with the engine service manual.


  • DTC List
  • Fault Code Diagnostics
    • P00AF, P00C7, P00EA – P00EC,  P007B-P007E, P0096, P00E9, P0111, P0097-P0099 or P00F4-P00F6, P0112, P0113, or P0114, P0216, P026A, P02E8, P02E9, P16A0-P16A2, P0483, P0495, P0506, P0507, P0526, P100B,  P11B3, P22B6, P22B7, P2A01, P122D, P2122, P2123, P2127, P2128, or P2138, P2227-P2230, P227B-P227E, P2670, P2671, P30B4, P30B5, P30BC, P30BD, P30D5, P30DE, P30FA, P3121, P3129, P3131, P314E, P3168, P3169, P316B, P319A, P319F, P31B8, P31BA-P31BF
  • Symptom Diagnostics
    • Symptoms – Engine Controls
    • Symptoms – Engine Mechanical
    • Misfire Without Internal Engine Noises
    • Misfire With Abnormal Internal Lower Engine Noises
    • Misfire With Abnormal Valve Train Noise
    • Misfire With Coolant Consumption0
    • Misfire With Excessive Oil Consumption
    • Engine Noise on Start-Up, But Only Lasting a Few Seconds
    • Upper/Lower Engine Noise, Regardless of Engine Speed
    • Engine Noise Under Load
    • Engine Will Not Crank-Crankshaft Will Not Rotate
    • Engine Does Not Crank
    • Engine Cranks But Does Not Run
    • Turbocharger Whine or Hissing Noise
    • Turbocharger Oil Leak From Compressor or Turbine Seal
    • Starter Malfunction
    • Exhaust Brake Switch Malfunction
    • Contaminants-in-Diesel Exhaust Fluid Diagnosis (Exhaust Fluid Quality Poor)
    • Symptoms – Engine Exhaust
    • Restricted Exhaust
    • Exhaust Leakage
    • Exhaust Noise
    • Coolant in Combustion Chamber
    • Coolant in Engine Oil
    • Fuel in Engine Oil
    • Contaminants-in-Fuel Diagnosis
  • Programming
  • Engine Tests
  • Fuel System Tests
  • Systems Overview

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