Freightliner Cascadia Class CVL03 Service Training Material



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Covers: Freightliner Cascadia Class CVL03
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Notes: Material dated 2010

Training material for Freightliner Cascadia trucks in downloadable format. Please contact us if you have any questions.

Topics in the Freightliner Cascadia Class CVL03 Service Training Material:

Module 1— Cascadia Overview

  • Identify the different Cascadia models
  • Identify Electronics specific to Cascadia

Module 2—Power Disfribution

  • Describe MFJB (MEGA Fuse Junction Block) and MGJB (Main Ground Junction Block)
  • Describe ground cable return to batteries Describe battery shut-off switch change to the power side
  • List circuits protected by Powertrain PDM Identify power distribution circuits Identify emergency power responses
  • Identify Power Distribution changes for EPA 2010 (PNDB / PTPDM)

Module 3— Cascadia Electronic Modules

  • Explain purpose of Signal detection & Activation Modules (SAMs).
  • Explain purpose and functionality of Modular Switch Field (MSF) components.
  • Explain purpose of the Central Gateway module.

Module 4—Multiplexing

  • Explain the basic concept of multiplexing
  • Explain multiplexing for the Cascadia electrical system.
  • Identify the major components in the Cascadia multiplexed system.
  • Explain the operation of datalinks J1587, J1939, Cabin CAN (Controller Area Network), and Diagnostics CAN.
  • Follow the communication between the J1939 and CAN datalinks.

Module 5—Service Information

  • Use AccessFeightliner to find service and troubleshooting information

Module 6—ServiceLink

  • Use ServiceLink to monitor Cascadia ECUs
  • Use ServiceLink to monitor MSF Switches
  • Use ServiceLink to read/change parameters

Module 7—Troubleshooting

  • Use of ServicePro and ServiceLink to troubleshoot electronic problems
  • Understand correct procedures to diagnose potential problems
  • Understand the proper tools to use when diagnosing a concern

Powerpoint Presentations

Electrical and Electronic System Guide for Freightliner Dealers

Wiring Schematics




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