MTU 4000 G 12V, 16V Diesel Engine Workshop Manual

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Covers: MTU 4000 12V, 16V Gx0/Gx1 Diesel Engine
Pages: 533
Format: PDF
File size: 18mb
Features: Searchable, printable
Compatibility: Windows/Mac computers

This manual provides service instructions for MTU 4000 12V, 16V Gx0/Gx1 diesel engines. In this workshop manual a basic overview of each major component and system along with recommendations for removal, cleaning, inspection, criteria for replacement, repair and installation and overhaul are included. View the service manual on your computer or print off pages as needed.

Topics in the MTU 4000 G 12V, 16V Diesel Engine Workshop Manual:

– Important information
– Hazards at the workplace
– Engine side and cylinder designations
– Tightening specifications
– Settings
– Conversion tables
– Publication overview
– Repair of threaded bores through threaded inserts (Heli-Coil)
– Abbreviations
– Keyword index

Work schedules
– Engine condition check
– W5 Maintenance operations
– Engine removal
– Engine disassembly
– Engine assembly
– Engine run-in
– Engine installation and operation

Task description
– Group summary
– Materials and consumables
– Tools
– Component removal
– Component disassembly
– Inspection and repair
– Component assembly
– Component installation


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