Detroit GHG14 DDEC13 Electronic Controls Application & Installation Manual


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Covers: Detroit GHG14 DDEC13 Electronic Controls Application and Installation
Pages: 380
Format: PDF (zipped)
Compatibility: Windows/Mac computers
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DDEC13 offers engine controls and an extensive range of engine and vehicle options. The detail provided will facilitate the following:

• The selection of features and settings, based on individual applications
• The fabrication and installation of a vehicle interface harness, based on individual applications
• The communication of messages & data between sensors and various electronic control modules within the installation
• The use of industry standard tools to obtain engine data and diagnostic information, as well as to reprogram key parameters

The manual is arranged as follows:

• The initial portion covers the installation, beginning with an overview and safety precautions, followed by hardware and wiring requirements, inputs and outputs, and available features.
• The second portion covers communication protocol.
• The third portion covers the tools capable of obtaining engine data and diagnostic information from the MCM2.1 and the CPC4, as well as reprogramming of its key parameters.
• The final portion, the appendix, summarizes detailed information on codes, parameters, acronyms used, and harness drawings.

This manual does not cover the installation of the engine or Aftertreatment System into various applications. For this, the reader should refer to the specific engine application and installation manual.

This manual is intended for those with an electrical background. A simple installation may require a basic understanding of electrical circuits while a more comprehensive electrical/electronics background is required to access all the capability of the EPA DDEC13.


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