Detroit Diesel MBE 4000 EPA07 Engine Service Repair Manual


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Covers: Detroit Diesel MBE 4000 EPA07 Series Engines
Pages: 593
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This high resolution service/repair manual contains complete instructions on operation, tune-up, preventive maintenance, and repair (including complete overhaul) for the Detroit EPA07 MBE 4000 engine. This manual will aid the technician with servicing and overhauling the engine. Basic maintenance and overhaul procedures are common to all EPA07 MBE 4000 series engines.

Publication dated 2010. A newer version of this manual is available here.

Topics in the Detroit Diesel MBE 4000 EPA07 Engine Service Repair Manual:

EPA07 MBE 4000 Service Manual
General Information
1 Engine
1.1 Engine Trim Covers and Frames
1.2 Cylinder Head Cover
1.3 Cylinder Head
1.4 Cylinder Block
1.5 Front and Rear Engine Lifting Brackets
1.6 Engine Brake
1.7 Front Radial Seal
1.8 Rear Radial Seal
1.9 Crankshaft Wear Sleeve
1.10 Crankshaft Assembly
1.11 Front Cover Housing
1.12 Crankshaft Position Sensor
1.13 Crankshaft Vibration Damper and Pulley
1.14 Flywheel
1.15 Ring Gear
1.16 Pilot Bearing
1.17 Engine Barring Tool
1.18 Flywheel Housing
1.19 Piston, Piston Ring, and Connecting Rod
1.20 Valves
1.21 Rocker Arm
1.22 Camshaft and Gear Assembly
Additional Information
2 Fuel System
2.1 Electronic Unit Pump
2.2 Fuel Return and Nozzle Spill Line
2.3 Fuel Overflow Valve
2.4 High Pressure Fuel Line and Transfer Tube
2.5 Fuel Injector Harness Adaptor Frame
2.6 Fuel Injector
2.7 Protective Sleeve
2.8 Motor Control Module
2.9 Fuel Filter
2.10 Fuel Filter Housing
2.11 Fuel Filter Bracket
2.12 Fuel Hand Primer Pump
2.13 Fuel Pump
2.14 Fuel Pump Drive
2.15 Fuel Doser Valve (Fdv)
2.16 Fuel Doser Valve Coolant Lines
Additional Information
3 Lubrication System
3.1 Lubrication System Description
3.2 Oil Pan
3.3 Piston Oil Spray Nozzle
3.4 Camshaft Lubrication Nozzle
3.5 Oil Pump and Suction Pipe
3.6 Oil Filter
3.7 Oil Cooler/Filter Housing
3.8 Engine Oil Pressure/Temperature Sensor
3.9 Oil Fill-Tube and Oil Dipstick
Additional Information
4 Cooling System
4.1 Cooling System
4.2 Coolant Pump
4.3 Front Idler and Tensioner Support
4.4 Thermostat
4.5 Engine Coolant Temperature Sensor
Additional Information
5 Fuel, Lubricating Oil, and Coolant
5.1 Fuel
5.2 Lubricating Oil
5.3 Coolant
Additional Information
6 Air Intake System
6.1 Air Intake Elbow and Grid Heater
6.2 Intake Throttle Valve and Adaptor
6.3 Gas Mixer Housing
6.4 Air Intake Manifold
6.5 Electrostatic Oil Separator, Crankcase Separator, and Oil Separator Drain Line
6.6 Intake Air Temperature/Pressure Sensor
6.7 Turbocharger
Additional Information
7 Exhaust System
7.1 Exhaust Manifold Assembly
7.2 Brake Gate
7.3 Electronic Proportional Valve
Additional Information
8 Exhaust Gas Recirculation Components
8.1 EGR Gas Inlet Pipe
8.2 EGR Cooler Gas Outlet Pipe
8.3 EGR Cooler and Support Bracket
8.4 EGR Cooler Heat Shield and Mounting Bracket
8.5 EGR Cooler Coolant Inlet Tube
8.6 EGR Cooler Coolant Return Tube
8.7 EGR Control Valve
Additional Information
9 Electrical Equipment
9.1 Drive Belts
9.2 Alternator/Air Conditioning Compressor Bracket
Additional Information
10 Power Take-Off
10.1 Front Power Take-Off
10.2 Rear Engine Power Take-Off
11 Special Equipment
11.1 Air Compressor Flange
11.2 Air Compressor
Additional Information
12 Operation and Verification
12.1 Preparation for a First Time Start
12.2 Starting the Engine
12.3 Running the Engine
12.4 Stopping the Engine
Additional Information
13 Engine Tune-Up
13.1 Checking the Valve Lash
13.2 Adjusting the Valve Lash
Additional Information
14 Preventive Maintenance
14.1 Scheduled Intervals
15 Engine Storage
15.1 Preparing Engine for Storage

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