Cummins NT855 BC3 BC4 Engine Troubleshooting & Repair Manual

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Covers: Cummins NT855 Big Cam III and Big Cam IV Engines
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This manual provides instructions for troubleshooting and repairing the Cummins NT 855 14.0L engine.

Topics in the Cummins NT855 BC3 BC4 Engine Troubleshooting & Repair Manual:


Engine Identification
General Engine Specifications
Engine Diagrams

Procedures and Techniques
Air Compressor Operates With Excessive Noise
Air Compressor Pumping Excessive Lubricating Oil Into Air System
Air Compressor Air Pressure Rises Slowly
Air Compressor Will Not Maintain Adequate Air Pressure (Not Pumping Continuously)
Air Compressor Will Not Pump Air Pressure
Air Compressor Will Not Stop Pumping Air
Alternator Malfunctioning
Connecting Rod Bearing Noise
Coolant in the Lubricating Oil
Coolant Loss (External)
Coolant Loss (Internal)
Coolant Loss (Overflow)
Coolant Temperature Above Normal
Coolant Temperature Below Normal
Engine Crankcase Gases (Blowby) – Excessive
Engine Cranks, But Will Not Start (No Exhaust Smoke)
Engine Decelerates Poorly
Engine Hard to Start, or Will Not Start (Exhaust Smoke Present)
Engine Power Output Low
Engine Noise – Excessive
Engine Runs Rough or Misfires In Operating Range (Warm Engine)
Engine Starts But Will Not Keep Running
Engine Surges at High Idle
Engine Surges at Low Idle
Engine Surges While Operating at Rated RPM and Load
Engine Vibration – Excessive
Engine Will Not Crank or Cranks Slowly
Engine Will Not Reach Rated Speed When Loaded
Engine Will Not Shut Off
Excessive White Smoke at Idle
Exhaust Smoke Under Load – Excessive
Fuel Consumption – Excessive
Fuel in the Coolant
Fuel in the Lubricating Oil
Idle – Rough
Low Power or Excessive Smoke (Low Turbocharger Boost Pressure)
Lubricating Oil Consumption – Excessive
Lubricating or Hydraulic Oil in the Coolant
Lubricating Oil Pressure-High
Lubricating Oil Pressure-Low
Lubricating Oil Sludge in the Crankcase – Excessive
Lubricating Oil Temperature Above Normal
Main Bearing Noise
Mechanical Variable Timing Will Not Switch to Advanced or Retarded Timing Mode
Piston Noise
Surge in Top Gear – Road Speed Governor Not Set Correctly
Throttle Response Slow (Engine Dies Going Downhill)
Turbocharger Leaks (Engine Oil or Fuel)
Turbocharger Noise
Variable Speed (VS) Governor Surge – Engine Under Load
Variable Speed (VS) Governor (Fuel Leakage at)
Variable Speed (VS) Governor Speed Not Set Correctly
White Smoke – General Information
Symptoms Cause and Correction Charts

Engine Systems Repair
Cooling System
Lubricating Oil System
Combustion Air System
Compressed Air System
Fuel System
Electrical System
Base Engine Components

Engine Testing (In-Chassis)

Engine – Remove and Install

Engine Component Specifications

Alphabetical Index


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