Cummins ISM, ISX 2007 Engine Training Material


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Covers: Cummins ISM, ISX 2007 HD Engine Training
Compatibility: Windows/Mac computers

Topics covered in the Cummins ISM ISX 2007 Engine Training Material:


  1. Course Objectives
  2. HD Product introduction
  3. Fuels and Oils
  4. HD Crankcase Breather
  5. ISX CM871 Engine System Flow Diagrams
  6. ISM CM876 Engine System Flow Diagrams
  7. Fuel System Cleancare
  8. Engine Cleancare
  9. Quickserve Online (QSOL) Training
  10. Cool Side EGR and Air Handling
  11. Principals of Aftertreatment
  12. Operator Interface
  13. Aftertreatment Maintenance
  14. Fault Code Enhancements for VGT & Changes To HD Engines
  15. Hall Effect Throttles
  16. QSOL Exercises


  • Aftertreatment Regeneration
  • CJ4 Oil Update
  • CPF Active
  • CPF Passive
  • Crankcase Breather

Cummins Programming Guide – CM871/876/2150

2007 Automotive Aftertreatment Installation Requirements




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