Cummins ISC, ISL, QSC8.3, QSL9 Troubleshooting Repair Manual


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Covers: Cummins ISC, ISCe, QSC8.3, ISL, ISLe3, ISLe4 and QSL9 Diesel Engine
1,476 – 2 volumes
Format: PDF files (zipped)
Compatibility: Windows/Mac computers
Notes: 2014 edition

This manual provides instructions for troubleshooting and repairing the Cummins ISC, ISCe, QSC8.3, ISL, ISLe3, ISLe4 and QSL9 engines in the chassis. This manual does not contain electronic control system troubleshooting.

Topics in the Cummins ISC, ISL, QSC8.3, QSL9 Troubleshooting & Repair Manual:


Engine and System Identification
Engine Identification
Engine Diagrams

Complete Engine – Overview
Rocker Levers – Overview
Fuel System – Overview
Flow Diagram – Fuel System
Injectors and Fuel Lines – Overview
Lubricating Oil System – Overview
Flow Diagram, Lubricating Oil System
Cooling System – Overview
Flow Diagram – Cooling System
Air Intake System – Overview
Flow Diagram – Air Intake System
Exhaust System – Overview
Flow Diagram, Exhaust System
Compressed Air System – Overview
Flow Diagram, Compressed Air System
Electrical Equipment – Overview
Engine Testing – Overview
Vehicle Braking – Overview

Troubleshooting Symptoms
Troubleshooting Procedures and Techniques
Troubleshooting Symptom Charts
(4021418-t004-tr) Air Compressor Air Pressure Rises Slowly
(4021418-t005-tr) Air Compressor Cycles Frequently
(4021418-t006-tr) Air Compressor Noise is Excessive
(4021418-t007-tr) Air Compressor Pumping Excess Lubricating Oil into the Air System
(4021418-t008-tr) Air Compressor Will Not Maintain Adequate Air Pressure (Not Pumping Continuously)
(4021418-t009-tr) Air Compressor Will Not Pump Air
(4021418-t010-tr) Air Compressor Will Not Stop Pumping
(4021418-t013-tr) Alternator Not Charging or Insufficient Charging
(4021418-t014-tr) Alternator Overcharging
(4021418-t020-tr) Coolant Loss – External
(4021418-t021-tr) Coolant Loss – Internal
(4021418-t022-tr) Coolant Temperature Above Normal – Gradual Overheat
(4021418-t023-tr) Coolant Temperature Above Normal – Sudden Overheat
(4021418-t024-tr) Coolant Temperature Below Normal
(4021418-t025-tr) Coolant in the Lubricating Oil
(4021418-t026-156-tr) Coolant Temperature Above Normal – Sea Water Cooling System
(4021418-t027-tr) Crankcase Gases (Blowby) Excessive
(4021418-t036-tr) Engine Brake Does Not Operate
(4021418-t037-tr) Engine Brake – Low Retarding Power or Slow to Activate
(4021418-t047-tr) Engine Noise Excessive
(4021418-t048-tr) Engine Noise Excessive – Combustion Knocks
(4021418-t049-tr) Engine Noise Excessive – Connecting Rod
(4021418-t050-tr) Engine Noise Excessive – Main Bearing
(4021418-t051-tr) Engine Noise Excessive – Piston
(4021418-t052-tr) Engine Noise Excessive – Turbocharger
(4021418-t074-005-tr) (Engine Will Not Crank – (Electric Starter)
(4021418-t074-010-tr) (Engine Cranks Slowly – (Electric Starter)
(4021418-t077-tr) Engine Will Not Crank or Cranks Slowly (Air Starter)
(4021418-t081-tr) Engine Will Not Shut Off
(4021418-t090-tr) Fuel in the Sea Water
(4021418-t091-tr) Fuel in Coolant
(4021418-t092-tr) Fuel in the Lubricating Oil
(4021418-t096-tr) Intake Manifold Air Temperature Above Specification
(4021418-t097-tr) Intake Manifold Pressure (Boost) is Below Normal
(4021418-t102-tr) Lubricating Oil Consumption Excessive
(4021418-t103-tr) Lubricating Oil Contaminated
(4021418-t104-tr) Lubricating Oil Pressure High
(4021418-t105-tr) Lubricating Oil Pressure Low
(4021418-t106-tr) Lubricating Oil Sludge in the Crankcase Excessive
(4021418-t107-tr) Lubricating Oil Temperature Above Specification
(4021418-t108-tr) Lubricating or Transmission Oil in the Coolant
(4021418-t122-tr) Turbocharger Leaks Engine Oil or Fuel
(4021418-t128-tr) Urea Usage – Abnormal
(4021418-t170-tr) Engine Noise Excessive – Drive Belt
Troubleshooting Overview
Engine Performance Troubleshooting Tree
Engine Performance Troubleshooting Tree (All Engines but Marine)
Engine Performance Troubleshooting Tree (Marine Engines with CM850 ECM)
Fuel Economy Troubleshooting Tree
Vibration Excessive

Complete Engine
Service Tools
Engine Removal
Engine Installation
Engine Painting
Engine Mounting Bolts

Cylinder Block
(45-022-001_01-tr) Service Tools
(45-001-005-tr) Bearings, Connecting Rod
(45-001-006-tr) Bearings, Main
(45-001-008-tr) Camshaft
(45-001-010-tr) Camshaft Bushings
(45-001-012-tr) Camshaft Gear (Camshaft Installed)
(45-001-013-tr) Camshaft Gear (Camshaft Removed)
(45-001-014-tr) Connecting Rod
(45-001-016-tr) Crankshaft
(45-001-019-tr) Crankshaft Gear, Front (Crankshaft Removed)
(45-001-023-tr) Crankshaft Seal, Front
(45-001-024-tr) Crankshaft Seal, Rear
(45-001-025) Crankshaft Wear Sleeve, Front
(45-001-026-tr) Cylinder Block
(45-001-028-tr) Cylinder Liner
(45-001-031-tr) Gear Cover, Front
(45-001-033-tr) Gear Housing, Front
(45-001-043-tr) Piston
(45-001-046-tr) Piston Cooling Nozzle
(45-001-047-tr) Piston Rings
(45-001-051-tr) Vibration Damper, Rubber
(45-001-052-tr) Vibration Damper, Viscous
(45-001-054-tr) Piston and Connecting Rod Assembly
(45-001-067-tr) Crankshaft Wear Sleeve, Rear
(45-001-071-tr) Crankshaft Speed Indicator Ring
(45-001-089-tr) Block Stiffener Plate

Section 2 – Cylinder Head – Group 02
(45-022-001_02-tr) Service Tools
(45-002-001-tr) Crosshead
(45-002-004-tr) Cylinder Head
(45-002-016-tr) Valve Guide Seal, Cylinder Head
(45-002-021) Cylinder Head Gasket

Section 3 – Rocker Levers – Group 03
(45-022-001_03) Service Tools
(45-003-001-tr) Crankcase Breather (External)
(45-003-002) Crankcase Breather (Internal)
(45-003-004-tr) Overhead Set
(45-003-008-tr) Rocker Lever
(45-003-011-tr) Rocker Lever Cover
(45-003-013-tr) Rocker Lever Housing
(45-003-018-tr) Crankcase Breather Tube
(45-003-020) Closed-Crankcase Ventilation System Filter

Cam Followers/Tappets – Group 04
Service Tools
Push Rods or Tubes

Fuel System
(45-022-001_05-tr) Service Tools
(45-005-008-tr) Engine Fuel Heater, Electric
(45-005-010-tr) Fuel Consumption
(45-005-016-tr) Fuel Pump
(45-005-020) Fuel Pump Delivery Valve
(45-005-025-tr) Fuel Pump Gear Pump
(45-005-037-tr) Fuel Pump Timing
(45-005-045-tr) Fuel Lift Pump
(45-005-072) Rotor, CAPS Fuel Injection Pump
(45-005-078) Injection Control Valve
(45-005-079) Pumping Control Valve
(45-005-081) Snubber, Rate Shape
(45-005-084) Fuel Pump Distributor Inlet Fitting
(45-005-085) Fuel Pump Accumulator Module
(45-005-086) Fuel Pump Distributor and Injection Control Valve Module
(45-005-088) Fuel Pump Cam Housing Module
(45-005-089) Fuel Pump Gear Pump Module
(45-005-090) Fuel Pump Rate Shape Tube
(45-005-226-tr) Fuel Pump Head Outlet Fitting
(45-005-227-tr) Fuel Pump Head
(45-005-228-tr) Fuel Pump Actuator Housing
(45-005-229) Fuel Injection Pump

Injectors and Fuel Lines
(45-022-001_06-tr) Service Tools
(45-006-003-tr) Air in Fuel
(45-006-006-tr) ECM Cooling Plate, Fuel Cooled
(45-006-012-tr) Fuel Drain Line Restriction
(45-006-013-tr) Fuel Drain Lines
(45-006-015-tr) Fuel Filter (Spin-On Type)
(45-006-017-tr) Fuel Filter Head
(45-006-018-tr) Fuel Filter Head Bracket
(45-006-020-tr) Fuel Inlet Restriction
(45-006-024-tr) Fuel Supply Lines
(45-006-026-tr) Injector
(45-006-051-tr) Injector Supply Lines (High Pressure)
(45-006-052-tr) Fuel Connector (Head Mounted)
(45-006-056) Fuel Pump Air Bleed Line
(45-006-060-tr) Fuel Rail
(45-006-061-tr) Fuel Pressure Relief Valve
(45-006-062) Fuel Cooler
(45-006-067) Fuel Rail High Pressure Fitting

Lubricating Oil System
(45-022-001_07) Service Tools
(45-007-001-tr) Engine Oil Heater
(100-007-003) Lubricating Oil Cooler
(45-007-009-tr) Lubricating Oil Dipstick
(45-007-011-tr) Lubricating Oil Dipstick Tube
(45-007-013-tr) Lubricating Oil Filter (Spin-On)
(45-007-014-tr) Lubricating Oil Filter Bypass Valve
(45-007-015-tr) Lubricating Oil Filter Head
(45-007-017) Lubricating Oil Filter Head (Remote-Mounted)
(45-007-018) Lubricating Oil Filter Head Adapter
(45-007-021) Lubricating Oil High Pressure Relief Valve
(45-007-024) Lubricating Oil Leaks
(45-007-025-tr) Lubricating Oil Pan
(45-007-029) Lubricating Oil Pressure Regulator (Main Rifle)
(45-007-031-tr) Lubricating Oil Pump
(45-007-035-tr) Lubricating Oil Suction Tube (Block-Mounted)
(45-007-037-tr) Lubricating Oil System
(100-007-083) Lubricating Oil and Filter Analysis
(45-007-092) Lubricating Oil Lines

Cooling System
(45-022-001_08-tr) Service Tools
(45-008-001) Belt Guard
(45-008-002-tr) Drive Belt, Cooling Fan
(45-008-006-tr) Coolant Filter
(45-008-007-tr) Coolant Filter Head
(45-008-009-tr) Coolant Filter Valve
(45-008-011-tr) Coolant Heater
(45-008-013-tr) Coolant Thermostat
(45-008-014) Coolant Thermostat Housing
(45-008-015) Coolant Thermostat Housing Support
(45-008-016) Coolant Thermostat Seal
(45-008-017-tr) Coolant Vent Lines
(45-008-018-tr) Cooling System
(45-008-020-tr) Cooling System Diagnostics
(45-008-027) Fan Clutch, On-Off
(45-008-038) Fan Shroud Assembly
(45-008-039-tr) Fan Spacer and Pulley
(45-008-040) Fan, Cooling
(45-008-041-tr) Marine Gear Oil Cooler
(45-008-042) Radiator
(45-008-045) Radiator Hoses
(45-008-047) Radiator Pressure Cap
(45-008-049) Radiator Shutter Assembly
(45-008-052) Expansion Tank
(45-008-053) Heat Exchanger
(45-008-057) Sea Water Pump
(45-008-059) Zinc Anode
(45-008-062-tr) Water Pump
(99-008-067) Sea Water Strainer
(45-008-080-tr) Belt Tensioner, Automatic (Water Pump)
(45-008-082-tr) Water Inlet Connection
(45-008-083) Keel Cooler
(45-008-103) Sea Water System Diagnostics
(45-008-104) Sea Water Hoses
(45-008-111) Pulley, Fan Idler
(45-008-112) Bracket, Fan Idler Pulley
(45-008-113) Coolant Return Junction Block
(45-008-129) Marine Gear Oil and Fuel Cooler Assembly

Drive Units
(45-009-016) Hydraulic Pump Drive
(100-009-051) Refrigerant Compressor
(100-009-052) Drive Belt, Refrigerant Compressor
(100-009-053) Belt Tensioner, Refrigerant Compressor, Automatic
(100-009-055) Refrigerant Compressor Mounting Bracket

Air Intake System
(45-022-001_10-tr) Service Tools
(45-010-005) Aftercooler Assembly (Sea Water)
(45-010-013) Air Cleaner Assembly (Engine-Mounted)
(45-010-019-tr) Air Crossover
(45-010-022-tr) Air Inlet Connection
(45-010-024-tr) Air Leaks, Air Intake and Exhaust Systems
(45-010-027-tr) Charge-Air Cooler
(45-010-029-tr) Cold Starting Aid
(45-010-031-tr) Air Intake Restriction
(45-010-033-tr) Turbocharger
(45-010-041-tr) Turbocharger Coolant Hoses
(45-010-045-tr) Turbocharger Oil Drain Line
(100-010-046) Turbocharger Oil Supply Line
(45-010-050) Turbocharger Wastegate Actuator
(45-010-055) Turbocharger Wastegate Valve Body
(45-010-057-tr) Intake Manifold Pressure
(45-010-080-tr) Air Intake Connection
(45-010-108) Air Intake Manifold Cover
(45-010-113-tr) Turbocharger, Variable Geometry Actuator
(45-010-118) Turbocharger Actuator Air Line
(45-010-131-tr) Air Intake Connection Adapter
(100-010-133) Inline Air Filter
(45-010-141) Turbocharger Exhaust Connection Adapter

Exhaust System
(45-022-001_11-tr) Service Tools
(45-011-007-tr) Exhaust Manifold, Dry
(45-011-009-tr) Exhaust Restriction
(45-011-017) Exhaust Outlet Connection
(45-011-032) Exhaust Gas Pressure Sensor Adapter
(45-011-035) Exhaust Gas Treatment Monitor Unit
(45-011-036-tr) Exhaust Catalyst
(45-011-037) Exhaust Gas Temperature Sensor
(45-011-038) Exhaust Gas Treatment Monitor Harness
(45-011-039) Exhaust Gas Pressure Sensor
(45-011-040) Aftertreatment Nozzle

Compressed Air System
Service Tools
Air Compressor Carbon Buildup
Air Compressor Coolant Lines
Air Compressor Cylinder Head, Single Cylinder
Air Compressor Unloader and Valve Assembly
Air Compressor
Air Governor
Air Leaks, Compressed Air System
Air Pressure Relief Valve

Electrical Equipment
Service Tools
Alternator Bracket
Drive Belt, Alternator
Battery Cables and Connections
Starter Magnetic Switch
Starter Switch
Starter Solenoid
Starting Motor
Charging System Indicator
ECM Unswitched Power Terminal Blocks

Engine Testing
Service Tools
Engine Testing (Chassis Dynamometer)
Engine Run-in (Chassis Dynamometer)
Engine Run-in (Without Dynamometer)
Engine Testing (Engine Dynamometer)
Engine Run-in (Engine Dynamometer)
Engine Testing (In Chassis)
Crankcase Blowby, Measure

Mounting Adaptations
(45-022-001_16) Service Tools
(45-016-002-tr) Engine Support Bracket, Front
(45-016-003-tr) Engine Support Bracket, Rear
(45-016-004-tr) Flexplate
(45-016-005-tr) Flywheel
(45-016-006-tr) Flywheel Housing
(45-016-007-tr) Flywheel Housing, REPTO
(45-016-008-tr) Flywheel Ring Gear
(00-016-010) Engine Mounts
(00-016-025) Propeller Shaft
(00-016-026) Marine Vibration Isolator
(45-016-027-tr) Engine Drive Shaft

Cup Plug
Pipe Plug
Straight Thread Plug
Expansion Plug

Vehicle Braking
Engine Brake Assembly
Engine Brake Housing Spacer
Engine Brake Solenoid Valve
Engine Brake Wiring Harness




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