Holset Air Compressor Master Repair Manual PDF



  • Holset SS191 A/C Model
  • Holset SS296, SS296E, and SS338E A/C Model
  • Holset QE230, QE296, and QE338 A/C Model
  • Holset ST676 A/C Model
  • Holset ST773 A/C Model

Pages: 269
Format: PDF
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This downloadable PDF manual provides repair information for Holset Air Compressors installed in Cummins engine systems and includes installation guidelines, troubleshooting and rebuild procedures and specifications. Please refer to model list above.

Updated 2019. Bookmarked, searchable, printable, zoomable PDF file for your computer, tablet or smartphone.



Component Identification

  • Component Identification
  • Component Diagrams


  • Overview

Installation Guidelines

  • Installation Procedure
  • System Installation Instructions

Troubleshooting Symptoms

  • Troubleshooting Procedures and Techniques
  • Troubleshooting Symptoms Charts
  • Air Compressor Air Pressure Rises Slowly
  • Air Compressor Cycles Frequently
  • Air Compressor Noise is Excessive
  • Air Compressor Pumping Excess Lubricating Oil into the Air System
  • Air Compressor Will Not Maintain Adequate Air Pressure (Not Pumping Continuously)
  • Air Compressor Will Not Pump Air
  • Air Compressor Will Not Stop Pumping

Compressed Air System

  • Service Tools
  • Air Compressor Carbon Buildup
  • Air Compressor Pin Bore Wear
  • Air Compressor Unloader and Valve Assembly
  • Air Compressor
  • Air Governor (Air Compressor Will Not Pump)
  • Air Governor (Air Compressor Pumps Continuously)
  • Air Leaks, Compressed Air System
  • Air Compressor Cylinder Head (Holset SS191 Model)
  • Air Compressor (Holset SS191 Model)
  • Air Compressor Cylinder Head (Holset SS and E-Type Models)
  • Air Compressor Cylinder Head (Holset QE Models)
  • Air Compressor (Holset QS230, SS296, SS296E, QE296, SS338E, and QE338 Models)
  • Air Compressor Cylinder Head (Holset ST Models)
  • Air Compressor (Holset ST676 Model)
  • Air Compressor (Holset ST773 Model)


  • Compressed Air System
  • Engine Component Torque Values
  • Capscrew Markings and Torque Values
  • Fraction, Decimal, Millimeter Conversions
  • Newton-Meter to Foot-Pound Conversions
  • Pipe Plug Torque Values
  • Weights and Measures – Conversion Factors

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