Cummins M11 Diesel Engine Specifications Manual


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Covers: Cummins M11 Diesel Engine
Pages: 68
Format: PDF
File size: 2mb
Compatibility: Windows/Mac/Tablet
Notes: Dated 1994

This manual contains complete assembly and rebuild specifications for the M11 engine and all associated components manufactured by Cummins. View this specifications manual on your computer or tablet, or print off the pages you need at any time.

Repair manuals sold separately.

Topics in the Cummins M11 Diesel Engine Specifications Manual:

Capscrew Markings and Torques Value
Component Manufacturers’ Addresses
Air Compressors
Air Cylinders
Air Heaters
Air Starting Motors
Auxiliary Brakes
Catalytic Converter
Coolant Heaters
Drive Plates
Electric Starting Motors
Engine Protection Controls
Fan Clutches
Fuel Warmers
Heat Sleeves
Hydraulic and Power Steering Pumps
Oil Heaters
Torque Converters
Component Specifications and Torque Values
Air Equipment – Inspection Specifications
Air Intake System – Inspection Specifications
Cam Follower Assembly – Rebuild Specifications
Cooling System – Rebuild Specifications
Cooling System – Torque Values
Cylinder Block – Rebuild Specifications
Cylinder Block – Torque Values
Cylinder Head – Rebuild Specifications
Cylinder Head – Torque Values
Drive Units – Rebuild Specifications
Electrical Equipment – Inspection Specifications
Engine Assembly – Capscrew Torque Values
Engine Assembly – Specifications
Engine Testing – Test Specifications
Exhaust System – Torque Values
Fuel Pump – Torque Values
Fuel Pump – Rebuild Specifications
Injectors – Rebuild Specifications
Lubricating Oil System – Specifications
Lubricating Oil System – Torque Values
Mounting Adaptations – Rebuild Specifications
Rocker Lever Assembly – Rebuild Specifications
Vehicle Braking – Rebuild Specifications
Drive Belt Tension
Engine Diagram
Engine Identification
ECM Dataplate(s)
Engine Dataplate
Engine Specifications
Air Intake System
Batteries (Specific Gravity)
Cooling System
Electrical System
Exhaust System
Fuel System
General Engine Data
Lubricating Oil System
Fraction, Decimal, Millimeter Conversions
Injection Timing Codes
Literature Survey Form
Newton-Meter to Food Pound Conversion Chart
Pipe Plug Torque Values
Service Literature Ordering Location
Specifications – General Information
Tap-Drill Chart – U
Valve and Injector Adjustments*
Injector Lash Recheck Limits
Jacobs Engine Brake
Valve and Injector Adjustment Sequence
Weight and Measures – Conversion Factors



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