Caterpillar C7, C9 Industrial Diesel Engine Troubleshooting Manual


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Covers: Caterpillar C7 and C9 INDUSTRIAL Diesel Engine Troubleshooting with prefixes-

  • JRA 1-Up
  • JSC 1-Up
  • MBD 1-Up
  • JTF 1-Up

Pages: 212
Format: PDF
Compatibility: Windows/Mac/Tablet

Topics include:

Electronic Troubleshooting
System Overview
Electronic Service Tools
Replacing the ECM
Sensors and Electrical Connectors
Engine Wiring Information
Programming Parameters
Programming Parameters
Customer Passwords
Factory Passwords
Factory Passwords Worksheet
Flash Programming
Injector Trim File
Service Information Report
System Configuration Parameters
System Configuration Parameters
Troubleshooting without a Diagnostic Code
Alternator (Charging Problem)
Can Not Reach Top Engine RPM
Coolant in Engine Oil
Coolant Temperature Is Too High
ECM Will Not Accept Factory Passwords
ECM Will Not Communicate with Other Systems or
Display Modules
Electronic Service Tool Will Not Communicate with
Engine Cranks but Will Not Start
Engine Has Early Wear
Engine Misfires, Runs Rough or Is Unstable
Engine Oil in Cooling System
Engine Oil Temperature Is Too High
Engine Stalls at Low RPM
Engine Vibration
Engine Will Not Crank
Excessive Black Smoke
Excessive Engine Oil Consumption
Excessive Fuel Consumption
Excessive Valve Lash
Excessive White Smoke
Exhaust Temperature Is Too High
Fuel in Cooling System
Fuel Dilution of Engine Oil
Intermittent Engine Shutdown
Intermittent Low Power or Power Cutout
Low Engine Oil Pressure
Low Power/Poor or No Response to Throttle
Mechanical Noise (Knock) in Engine
Noise Coming from Cylinder
Poor Acceleration or Response
Valve Rotator or Spring Lock Is Free
Troubleshooting with a Diagnostic Code
Flash Codes
Diagnostic Codes
Diagnostic Code Cross Reference
CID 0001 FMI 05 Cylinder #1 Injector open circuit
CID 0001 FMI 06 Cylinder #1 Injector short
CID 0002 FMI 05 Cylinder #2 Injector open circuit
CID 0002 FMI 06 Cylinder #2 Injector short
CID 0003 FMI 05 Cylinder #3 Injector open circuit
CID 0003 FMI 06 Cylinder #3 Injector short
CID 0004 FMI 05 Cylinder #4 Injector open circuit
CID 0004 FMI 06 Cylinder #4 Injector short
CID 0005 FMI 05 Cylinder #5 Injector open circuit
CID 0005 FMI 06 Cylinder #5 Injector short
CID 0006 FMI 05 Cylinder #6 Injector open circuit
CID 0006 FMI 06 Cylinder #6 Injector short
CID 0041 FMI 03 8 Volt DC Supply short to +batt
CID 0041 FMI 04 8 Volt DC Supply short to ground
CID 0042 FMI 05 Injector Actuation Valve open circuit
CID 0042 FMI 06 Injector Actuation Valve short to ground
CID 0091 FMI 08 Throttle Position signal abnormal
CID 0091 FMI 13 Throttle Position calibration required
CID 0094 FMI 03 Fuel Pressure open/short to
CID 0094 FMI 04 Fuel Pressure short to ground
CID 0100 FMI 03 Engine Oil Pressure open/short to
CID 0100 FMI 04 Engine Oil Pressure short to ground
CID 0100 FMI 10 Engine Oil Pressure Sensor abnormal rate of change
CID 0102 FMI 03 Boost Pressure Sensor short to
CID 0102 FMI 04 Boost Pressure Sensor short to ground
CID 0102 FMI 10 Boost Pressure Sensor abnormal rate of change
CID 0110 FMI 03 Engine Coolant Temperature open/short to +batt
CID 0110 FMI 04 Engine Coolant Temperature short to ground
CID 0111 FMI 02 Engine Coolant Level Sensor Loss of Signal
CID 0164 FMI 02 Injector Actuation Pressure signal erratic
CID 0164 FMI 03 Injector Actuation Pressure voltage high
CID 0164 FMI 04 Injector Actuation Pressure voltage low
CID 0164 FMI 11 Injector Actuation Pressure system fault
CID 0168 FMI 00 System Voltage High
CID 0168 FMI 01 System Voltage Low
CID 0168 FMI 02 System Voltage intermittent/ erratic
CID 0172 FMI 03 Intake Manifold Air Temp open/short to +batt
CID 0172 FMI 04 Intake Manifold Air Temp short to ground
CID 0190 FMI 08 Engine Speed signal abnormal
CID 0247 FMI 09 J1939 Data Link communications
CID 0253 FMI 02 Personality Module mismatch
CID 0261 FMI 13 Engine Timing Calibration required
CID 0262 FMI 03 5 Volt Sensor DC Power Supply short to +batt
CID 0262 FMI 04 5 Volt Sensor DC Power Supply short to ground
CID 0268 FMI 02 Check Programmable Parameters
CID 0274 FMI 03 Atmospheric Pressure open/short to +batt
CID 0274 FMI 04 Atmospheric Pressure short to ground
CID 0342 FMI 08 Secondary Engine Speed signal abnormal
CID 0617 FMI 05 Air Inlet Heater Relay open/current below normal
CID 0617 FMI 06 Air Inlet Heater Relay grounded/current above norm
CID 1835 FMI 03 Auxiliary Pressure Sensor open/short to +batt
CID 1835 FMI 04 Auxiliary Pressure Sensor short to ground
CID 1836 FMI 03 Auxiliary Temperature Sensor open/short to +batt
CID 1836 FMI 04 Auxiliary Temperature Sensor short to ground
CID 2417 FMI 05 Ether Injection Control Solenoid current low
CID 2417 FMI 06 Ether Injection Control Solenoid current high
Troubleshooting with an Event Code Event Codes
E096 High Fuel Pressure
E360 Low Engine Oil Pressure
E361 High Engine Coolant Temperature
E362 Engine Overspeed
E443 High Auxiliary Pressure
E445 High Auxiliary Temperature
E539 High Intake Manifold Air Temperature
E2143 Low Engine Coolant Level
Diagnostic Functional Tests
5 Volt Engine Pressure Sensor Supply Circuit – Test
Air Inlet Heater Circuit – Test
Air Shutoff System – Test
CAN Data Link Circuit – Test
Cat Data Link Circuit – Test
Coolant Level Sensor Circuit – Test
Diagnostic Lamp Circuit – Test
Digital Sensor Supply Circuit – Test
Electrical Connectors – Inspect
Electrical Power Supply Circuit – Test
Engine Pressure Sensor Open or Short Circuit – Test
Engine Speed/Timing Sensor Circuit – Test
Engine Temperature Sensor Open or Short Circuit – Test
Ether Injection System – Test
Injection Actuation Pressure – Test
Injection Actuation Pressure Control Valve Circuit – Test
Injection Actuation Pressure Sensor – Test
Injector Solenoid Circuit – Test
Maintenance Due Lamp Circuit – Test
PTO Switch Circuit – Test
Switch Circuits – Test
Throttle Position Sensor Circuit – Test
Warning Lamp Circuit – Test
Calibration Procedures
Engine Speed/Timing Sensor – Calibrate
Throttle Position Sensor – Calibrate



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