Caterpillar 3408E, 3412E Industrial Engine Disassembly & Assembly Shop Manual


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Covers: Caterpillar 3408E, 3412E Industrial Diesel Engine (7PR, 4CR, BDT, BFT prefix)
Pages: 202
Format: PDF
Compatibility: Windows/Mac/Tablet

The 3408E and 3412E Shop Manual covers all disassembly and assembly procedures for the engine. In this shop manual you will find detailed step-by-step instructions and illustrations to correctly removal and install engine components. This manual is a must for all mechanics overhauling the 3408E or 3412E industrial diesel engine. View the manual on your computer/tablet or print off pages as needed.

Topics in the Cat 3408E, 3412E Industrial Engine Disassembly & Assembly Shop Manual:

1 Unit Injectors
2 Unit Injector Sleeves
3 Rocker Arm Assemblies & Push Rods
4 Valve lifters
5 Hydraulic Pump
6 Hydraulic Pump Drive
7 Timing Gear Cover
8 Fuel Transfer Pump
9 Hydraulic Control Valve
10 Electric Starting Motor
11 Transmission Oil Cooler
12 Engine Oil Cooler
13 Engine Oil Filter Bypass Valve
14 Engine Oil Cooler Bypass Valve
15 Engine Oil Pan
16 Flywheel Housing & Rear Gear Group
17 Fuel Filter & Fuel Filter Base
18 Crankshaft Vibration Damper
19 Crankshaft Front Seal & Wear Sleeve
20 Engine Front Support
21 Trunnion
22 Water Temperature Regulators
23 Aftercooler & Aftercooler Core
24 Turbocharger
25 Engine Oil Filters & Engine Oil Filter Base
26 Atmospheric Pressure Sensor
27 Coolant Temperature Sensor
28 Engine Speed and Timing Sensor
29 Engine Oil Pressure Sensor
30 Fuel Temperature Sensor
31 Lifting Group (Front)
32 Lifting Group (Rear)
33 Engine Electronic Control Module (ECM)
34 Flywheel
35 Crankshaft Rear Seal & Wear Sleeve
36 Exhaust Manifold
37 Water Pump
38 Valve Covers
39 Valve Cover Bases
40 Fluid Manifold
41 Cylinder Heads
42 Inlet & Exhaust Valves
43 Valve Guides
44 Valve Seat Inserts
45 Camshaft
46 Camshaft Bearings
47 Crankshaft
48 Crankshaft Main Bearings
49 Cylinder Liners
50 Connecting Rod Bearings
51 Engine Oil Pump
52 Piston Cooling Jets
53 Pistons & Connecting Rod Assemblies
54 Spacer Plates
55 Bearing Clearances



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