Caterpillar 3126B, 3126E Truck Engine Sys Op, Testing, Adjusting Manual

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Covers: Caterpillar 3126B, 3126E Truck Engine with serial numbers-

  • BKD 1-Up
  • G3E 1-Up
  • DPF 1-Up
  • 1AJ 1-Up
  • 8YL 1-Up
  • CKM 1-Up
  • CRP 1-Up
  • 7AS 1-Up
  • 8SZ 1-Up
  • 9SZ 1-Up

Pages: 108
Compatibility: Windows/Mac/Tablet
Note: Includes both Systems Operation and Testing & Adjusting manuals in one document

The Caterpillar 3126B, 3126E truck diesel engine Systems Operation and Testing & Adjusting manual covers theory of operation and testing/adjusting procedures. In this manual you will find detailed step-by-step instructions and accurate illustrations to correctly inspect, test and adjust the 3126B, 3126E truck diesel engine. View this manual on your computer/tablet or print off pages as needed.

The following is a list of topics contained in the 3126B, 3126E Engine Sys Op & Testing/Adjusting Manual:

Systems Operation Section
General Information
Fuel System
Air Inlet and Exhaust System
Lubrication System
Cooling System
Basic Engine
Electrical System
Testing and Adjusting Section
Fuel System
Fuel System – Inspect
Air in Fuel – Test
Engine Speed – Check
Finding Top Center Position
Fuel Quality – Test
Fuel System – Prime
Fuel System Pressure – Test
Gear Group (Front) – Time
Unit Injector – Test
Air Inlet and Exhaust System
Air Inlet and Exhaust System – Inspect
Turbocharger – Inspect
Inlet Manifold Pressure – Test
Exhaust Temperature – Test
Aftercooler – Test
Engine Crankcase Pressure (Blowby) – Test
Compression – Test
Engine Valve Lash – Inspect/Adjust
Lubrication System
Engine Oil Pressure – Test
Engine Oil Pump – Inspect
Excessive Bearing Wear – Inspect
Excessive Engine Oil Consumption – Inspect
Increased Engine Oil Temperature – Inspect
Cooling System
Cooling System – Check (Overheating)
Cooling System – Inspect
Cooling System – Test
Water Temperature Regulator – Test
Water Pump – Test
Basic Engine
Piston Ring Groove – Inspect
Connecting Rod Bearings – Inspect
Main Bearings – Inspect
Cylinder Block – Inspect
Flywheel – Inspect
Flywheel Housing – Inspect
Vibration Damper – Check
Vibration Damper – Check
Electrical System
Battery – Test
Charging System – Test
Electric Starting System – Test
Engine Oil Pressure Sensor – Test
Exhaust Particulate Filter Diagnostic Module –
Pinion Clearance – Adjust
Pinion Clearance – Adjust


 The 3126B and 3126E engines are in-line six cylinder
arrangements. The firing order of the engine is
1-5-3-6-2-4. The engine’s rotation is counterclockwise
when the engine is viewed from the flywheel end of
the engine. The engine utilizes a turbocharger and
an air-to-air aftercooler. The engines have a bore of
110 mm (4.3 inch) and a stroke of 127 mm (5.0 inch).
The displacement is 7.25 L (442 cu in).
The hydraulic electronic unit injector system (HEUI)
eliminates many of the mechanical components
that are used in a pump-and-line system. The HEUI
also provides increased control of the timing and
increased control of the fuel air mixture. The timing
advance is achieved by precise control of the unit
injector timing. Engine rpm is controlled by adjusting
the injection duration. A special pulse wheel provides
information to the Engine Control Module (ECM) for
detection of cylinder position and engine rpm.
The engine has built-in diagnostics in order to ensure
that all of the components are operating properly. In
the event of a system component failure, the operator
will be alerted to the condition via the check engine
light that is located on the dashboard. An electronic
service tool can be used to read the numerical code
of the faulty component or condition. Also, the cruise
control switches can be used to flash the code on the
check engine light. Intermittent faults are logged and
stored in memory.


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