Cat 936E Wheel Loader (45Z) Complete Service Manual


Covers: Caterpillar 936E Wheel Loader

  • 45z serial number prefix
  • Please contact us if you have compatibility questions or have a different serial number

Pages: 2,206
Format: PDF files (zipped)
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The Cat 936E wheel loader complete service manual set contains the latest systems operation information, specifications, wiring schematics, disassembly and assembly procedures, testing and adjusting procedures and troubleshooting steps for the wheel loader. Whether you are servicing, troubleshooting or overhauling the machine or engine, this set of PDF manuals is recommended for the mechanic to accurately and safely perform the job according to the manufacturer’s standards. View the service manual on your computer or print off pages as needed. Over 2,200 total pages of wheel loader and diesel engine service information are included specifically for 45Z serial number prefixes.

Includes 35 PDF documents in one download.


3304 Engine

  • Specifications, Systems Operation, Testing & Adjusting
  • Disassembly and Assembly
  • Supplement for 936 Machines

Power Train

  • Specifications
  • Systems Operation, Testing & Adjusting
  • Power Shift Transmission Testing & Adjusting
  • Disassembly and Assembly

Vehicle Systems

  • Steering System Specifications, Systems Operation, Testing & Adjusting
  • Tee Tests
  • Air System and Brakes Specifications, Systems Operation, Testing & Adjusting
  • Air Dryer Service Manual
  • Tu-Flo Compressor Service Manual
  • Hydraulic System Specifications, Systems Operation, Testing & Adjusting
  • Hydraulic Schematic
  • 936 Wheel Loader Disassembly and Assembly
  • 936 Operator’s Station Disassembly and Assembly

Electrical Schematics (Full size and collage formats included)

  • Schematic (45Z 1-Up) 936
  • Schematic (45Z 1-Up) 936 with Roading Arrangement


  • 936E Operation & Maintenance Manual


  • Standard Torque Specs Manual
  • Shop Tools and Supplies Catalog

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