Caterpillar 3208 Diesel Truck Engine Service Shop Manual

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Covers: Caterpillar 3208 Diesel Truck Engine (S/N 2Z1 and up)
Pages: 350
Format: PDF
File size: 150mb
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This 8-in-1 downloadable Cat 3208 diesel engine shop manual includes 3208 engine Specifications, Systems Operation, Testing & Adjusting, Troubleshooting, Disassembly and Assembly, Air Compressor Service, and Reconditioning Procedures.

Topics in the Caterpillar 3208 Diesel Truck Engine Service Shop Manual:

Air Compressor
Alternators And Regulators
Automatic Timing Advance Unit
Bearings For Connecting Rods And Mains
Connecting Rod
Crankshaft Seals
Crankcase Ventilation Valve
Cylinder Block
Cylinder Head
Drive Gear For The Injection Pump
Engine Design
Engine Oil Cooler And Filter
Exhaust Manifold
Fan Mounting Pulley Assemblies
Flywheel Housing Bore
Flywheel Housing Runout
Flywheel Runout
Fuel Filter Base
Fuel Injection Pump
Fuel Transfer Pump
Injection Nozzles
Mounting Group For AT540, MT643, and MT653 Allison Transmission
Oil Level Gauge
Oil Pan
Oil Pump
Pistons And Rings (two ring piston)
Pistons And Rings (three ring piston)
Pulley And Damper
Starter Motor Solenoids
Starter Motors
Shutoff Solenoids
Turbocharge.-Impeller Installation
Valve Covers
Valve Rocker Arms And lifters
Valve Seats And Inserts
Water Pump
Water Temperature Regulators

System Operation
Air Inlet And Exhaust System
Air To Air Aftercooled System
Basic Block
Cylinder Block
Cylinder Head
Pistons, Rings And Connecting Rods
Vibration Damper
Cooling System
Cylinder Head And Valves
Electrical System
Charging System Components
Other Components
Starling System Components
Fuel Injection Pumps
Automatic Timing Advance Unit
Fuel Junction Block
Fuel Ratio Control With Hydraulic Override (Earlier Engines)
Fuel Ratio Control Without Hydraulic
Operation Of Fuel Injection Pumps
Operation Of 9N3979 And 1W5829 Fuel Injection
Operation Of 7000 Series Fuel Injection
Water Separator
Fuel System
Constant Bleed Valve
Flow Of Fuel Using The Priming Pump
Lubrication System
(Engines With Oil Filter Bypass Valve In Oil Cooler Base)
(Engines With Oil Filter Bypass Valve In Oil Filler)

Testing And Adjusting
Air Inlet And Exhaust System
Air To Air Aftercooled System
Cylinder Compression
Exhaust Temperature
Measurement Of Pressure In Inlet Manifold
Procedure For Measuring Camshaft Lobes
Restriction Of Air Inlet And Exhaust
Valve Clearance Setting
Basic Block
Connecting Rod And Main Bearings
Connecting Rods And Pistons
Flywheel And Flywheel Housing
1U6431 Keystone Piston Ring Groove Gauge
5P3519 Piston Ring Groove Gauge
Cooling System
Dynamometer Test Caution
Healer Connections
Testing The Cooling System
Visual Inspection Of The Cooling System
Water Pump Pressure Check
Electrical System
Charging System
Starling System
Test Tools For Electrical System
Fuel System
Check Engine Cylinders Separately
Crossover Levers
Engine Speed Measurement
Finding Top Center Compression Position For No. 1 Piston
Fuel Injection Lines
Fuel Injection Pumps
Fuel Injection Testing
Fuel Pump Calibration
Fuel Ratio Control Adjustment
Fuel Setting
Fuel System Adjustments
Fuel System Inspection
Governor Adjustments
Load Stop Adjustment
Lubrication System
Increased Oil Temperature
Measuring Engine Oil Pressure
Oil Pressure Is High
Oil Pressure Is Low
Too Much Bearing Wear

Troubleshooting Guide
Cooling System
Difficult Starling (Engine Crankshaft Turns Freely)
Difficult Starting (Engine Crankshaft Will Not Turn
Engine Crankshaft Turns Too Slowly)
Fuel In Crankcase Oil
High Fuel Consumption Troubleshooting
Introduction To The Troubleshooting Guide
Loss Of Coolant
Low Power Troubleshooting
Mislirlng And Running Rough
Primary Engine Test For High Fuel Consumption
Primary Engine Test For Low Power
Problem With Vehicle Or Vehicle Operation
Too Much Exhaust Smoke (Black Or Gray)
Too Much Extlausl Smoke (White Or Blue)
Vibration Troubleshooting (Engine)

General Instructions Disassembly And Assembly
Double Row, Tapered Roller
Healing Bearings
Sleeve Bearings
Bolts And Bolt Torque
Torque Wrench Extension
T·T-T Procedure
Conversion Chart (Inches To MM)
Disassembly And Assembly
Initial Operation After Engine Reconditioning
Lines And Wires
Lubrication For A Rebuilt Engine
Procedure For Pressure Lubrication
Pressing Paris
Removal And Installation
Rules For Use Of Tools
Rust Preventive Compound
Seals (Hydrodynamic)
Seals (Lip· Type)
Service Tools
Bearing Cup Pulling Attachment
Bearing Pulling Attachment
Puller Assembly (2 Or 3 Arm)
Push Pullers

Air Inlet Manifold
Automatic Timing Advance
Camshaft Bearings
Camshaft and Gears
Check Valve and Bypass Valve
Connecting Rod Bearings
Crankcase Ventilator Valve
Crankcase Ventilator Valve. Disassemble & Assemble
Crankshaft Front Seal
Crankshaft Main Bearings
Crankshaft and Gear
Crankshaft Pulley
Crankshaft Rear Seal and Wear Sleeve
Cylinder Heads
Cylinder Heads, Disassemble & Assemble
Engine Oil Cooler and Oil Filter Base
Engine Oil Cooler and Oil Filter Base, Disassemble & Assemble
Engine Sound Suppression
Exhaust Manifold
Flywheel Housing
Fuel Filter and Base
Fuel Injection Lines
Fuel Injection Nozzles (9N3979 & 1 W5829)
Fuel Injection Nozzles, Disassemble & Assemble (9N3979 & 1 W5829)
Fuel Injection Nozzles (7000 Series)
Fuel Injection Pump Housing, Disassemble & Assemble
Fuel Injection Pumps
Fuel Injection Pumps, Disassemble & Assemble
Fuel Injection Pump Housing and Governor
Fuel Injection Pump Housing and Governor, Separation & Connection
Fuel Ratio Control
Fuel Ratio Control, Disassemble & Assemble
Fuel Transfer Pump
Utters (With Rollers)
Rocker Shafts and Push Rods
Rocker Shafts. Disassemble & Assemble
Oil Pan
0il Pan (Rear Sump)
Oil Pump and Relief Valve
Pistons, Disassemble & Assemble
Shutoff Housing
Timing Gear Cover and Oil Pump
Turbocharger (Schwitzer), Disassemble & Assemble
Turbocharger (AlResearch), Disassemble & Assemble
Valve Covers
Water Pump
Water Pump, Disassemble & Assemble
Water Separator .
Water Temperature Regulator

Tu-Flo 501 Air Compressor Tu-Flo 700 Air Compressor
Assembly. Cleaning 01 Parts
Cleaning 01 Parts
Description and Operation
General Service Checks
Air Leakage Tests
Intake and Compression (Loaded)
Operating Tests
Non-Compression (Unloaded)
Inspection 01 Parts
General Service Checks
Inspection of Rebuilt Unit
Air Leakage Tests.
Operating Tests
Intake and Compression (Loaded)
Inspection of Parts.
Inspection 01 Rebuilt Unit
Preventive Maintenance
Removing and Disassembly
Non-Compression (Unloaded)
Preventive Maintenance
Removing and Disassembly
Tabulated Data
Testing Rebuilt Compressor

Reconditioning Procedures
Basic Block
Cleaning Procedures
Cylinder Block Honing
Line Boring Main Bearing Bores
line Boring Main Bearing Cap
Main Bearing Bores
Main Bearing Cap Guide Width
Remove And Install Piston Cooling Jets
Specifications And Tolerances
Sunnen CK·10 Machining Data
Tightening Procedure For The Bolts For Main Bearing Caps
Transit Preparation
Camshaft Bearings Removal And Installation
Camshaft Gear
Valve Lifter
Cylinder Head And Valve Components
Cylinder Head And Valve Components
Valve Grinding Specifications
Valve Spring Specifications
Valve Springs
Connecting Rods
Piston Pin Bearing Removal And Installation.
Check For Connecting Rod Distortion
Boring Piston Pin Bearing
Crankshaft Front Oil Seal Installation
Crankshaft Front Oil Seal Removal
Crankshaft Gear Installation
Crankshaft Gear Removal
Crankshaft Grinding Specifications
Crankshaft Pulley Installation
Crankshaft Pulley Removal
Install Crankshaft Rear Seal And Wear Sleeve (Hydrodynamic Seal)
Install Crankshaft Rear Seal And Wear Sleeve (Lip Type Seal)
Remove Crankshaft Rear Seal And Wear Sleeve
Engine Test Procedure
Dynamometer Test Precaution
Initial Operation After Engine
Lubrication For A Rebuilt Engine
Procedure For Pressure Lubrication
Oil Pump


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2 reviews for Caterpillar 3208 Diesel Truck Engine Service Shop Manual

  1. William P. Dounst

    It is the complete cat 3208 manual from what I can tell. Good price.

    • MPM

      Thank you for your feedback!

  2. Tony J Rigby (verified owner)

    It’s the complete but the thing I don’t understand is it expires four months after buying it

    • MPM

      Thank you for your feedback. The download link expires, however you will be able to access the manual saved on your computer permanently (does not expire). We recommend saving a backup to a USB flash drive.

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