Case 668T/M2, 668T/E2 Engine Repair Overhaul Manual


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Covers: Case 668T/M2, 668T/E2 (F4GE0684F, F4HE0684J) Engine – please contact us if you have compatibility questions
: 150
Compatibility: Windows/Mac computers
File size: 91mb

This service manual contains the necessary technical information to carry out overhaul on Case 668T/M2, 668T/E2 Engines.

The following is a list of topics contained in the Service Manual

Engine coding
Main engine features
Assembling play I specifications
Tightening torque
Graphic indications and symbols
General remarks
Engine F4GE0684F
Engine F4HE0684J
Description of main mechanic engine components
Drive shaft
Drive shaft seal rings
Connecting rods
Distributing shaft
Engine F4GE0684F valve control
Engine F4HE0684J valve control
Engine F4GE0684F cylinder head
Engine F4GE0684F cylinder head
Engine F4GE0684F valves and valve seats
Engine F4HE0684J valves and valve seats
Engine F4GE0684F valve guides
Engine F4HE0684J valve guides
Valve control bridges
Grinding cylinder head valve seats F4HE0684J
Engine flywheel
Engine F4GE0684F auxiliary component drive
Engine F4HE0684J auxiliary component drive
Engine F 4GE0684F lubrication
Engine F 4HE0684J lubrication
Heat exchanger
Oil pump
Engine F4GE0684F oil sump
Engine F4HE0684J oil sump
Engine F4GE0684F oil vapour recirculation
Engine F4HE0684J oil vapour recirculation
Measuring the piston diameter
Piston pins
Conditions for correct pin/piston matching
Piston rings
Connecting rods
Checking the connecting rods
Checking the torsion
Checking the flexion
Mounting the connecting rod-piston assembly
Connecting rod-piston match
Mounting the piston rings
Mounting the connecting rod/piston assemblies in the cylinder liners
Measuring the crankpin assembling play
Checking piston protrusion
Valve gear
Distribution gearbox case
Valve timing
Injection pump – 1st phase
Flywheel cover case
Engine flywheel
Replacing the engine flywheel ring gear
Injection pump – 2nd phase
Mounting the injection pump – 2nd phase
Mounting the oil and water pumps
Mounting the oil sump
Mounting the water I oil heat exchanger
Cylinder head
Removing the valves
Checking the cylinder head supporting surface
Checking the cylinder head water seal
Valve descaling, check and grinding
Checking the play between the valve stem, valve guide and valve centring
Valve guide
Valve seats
Valve seat reconditioning – replacement
Valve springs
Mounting the cylinder head
Reattaching the cylinder head
Rocker arm assembly
Mounting the injectors
Replacing the injectors
Adjusting the tappets
Rocker arm removal/reassembling
Valve timing
Removal of EDC7 components
Disassembly of the engine
Repair interventions
Cylinder group
Controls and measurements
Cam lift check and pin alignment check
Head face check on the cylinder group
Timing system
Bush replacement
Fitting tappets – camshaft
Output shaft
Measuring journals and crankpins
Replacing oil pump control gear
Fitting main bearings
Finding journal clearance
Checking output shaft shoulder clearance
Connecting rod – piston assembly
Measuring piston diameter
Piston pin diameter
Conditions for proper pin-piston coupling
Split rings
Connecting rods
Checking torsion
Checking connecting rods
Checking bending
Fitting connecting rod-piston assembly
Connecting rod- piston coupling
Fitting split rings
Fitting connecting rod-piston assembly into cylinder barrels
Finding crankpin clearance
Checking piston protrusion
Flywheel housing
Engine flywheel
Replacing engine flywheel ring gear
Cylinder head
Removing the valves
Removing carbon deposits, checking and grinding valves
Checking cylinder head supporting surface
Removing carbon deposits, checking and grinding valves
Checking clearance between valve stem and valve guide and valve centering
Valve guide
Valve seats
Regrinding – replacing the valve seats
Valve springs
Fitting cylinder head
Refitting the cylinder head
Fitting injectors
Rocker assembly
Tappet clearance adjustment
Harness support



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